10 destinations to visit before they get famous

We all know destinations as London, Bangkok and Bali. These destinations definitely have to be on your bucket list. However, they can also be very crowded and touristic in high season. For the real traveller it is nice to explore some new, unknown destinations. In this article I made a list of destinations you have to visit before they get famous. Of course I created this list by my own experience, but I also used some sources from the internet.


Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia is the capital and biggest city of Bulgaria. Actually, the country is very touristic at the coastal places and ski resorts, but Sofia is also a city definitely worth the city. It offers a lot of tourist attractions, such as beautiful churches, outdoor markets and some breath taking architecture. Besides, the city is one of the cheapest tourist cities of Europe.

Since 2011, Myanmar (former Birma) attracts more tourists to the country and since that year, Myanmar gets more and more popular for tourists. In 2010, the amount of tourists was about 300,000. Three years later this increased to more than two million and it is expected to continue to grow. There are so many beautiful attractions. Bagan is one of the most visited places of Myanmar and definitely worth a visit. If you would like to travel to Myanmar, the best time is to do it now. Before everything gets more expensive and Myanmar gets more famous.


Riga, Latvia
Latvia is part of the Baltic states and its capital, Riga, is perfect for a city trip when you would like to get somewhere new. The city has also been called as Europe’s best kept secret and is a very cheap destination. It features some beautiful architecture and the old town is a must visit. There are also many places to have a breath taking view over Riga, for example at St. Peter’s church.

Koh Tonsay, Cambodia
This is a little paradise off the coast of southern Cambodia and only offers bungalows as accommodation. You can get here by boat from the town of Kep and offers a long, beautiful beach, relaxation and hospitable locals. The island is also called as Rabbit Island.

Ston Island
Brokopondo lake – Suriname

As I have been to Suriname myself, I can tell that this is a beautiful country and at the same time not famous at all. The country features a small amount of tourists each year, but yet still have so many nice places to offer. You can choose for a roundtrip to the country, which shows you the most. You can see much attractions and culture in the capital Paramaribo (click for more information) or can do some adventurous activities and spot all sort of animals in the inland (click for more information).

Sumbawa, Indonesia
Indonesia features many islands, such as Bali, Java, Lombok and Sumatra. One of the less popular islands is Sumbawa, which is located next to Bali and Lombok. The island is part of the volcanic chain and therefore the valleys is fertile (because of the lava soil). Sumbawa also features some beautiful, quiet sand beaches and is an ideal place to surf. You can go this island and combine your trip with other island nearby.


Montenegro is a little country located is the east of Europe and is since 2006 independent from the former Servia and Montenegro. The country has so much to offer when it comes to nature. There are some national parks, a big lake (lake of Shkodër) and some sand beaches which are located at the Adriatic sea. It is also a good destination for winter season, because in the north of the country are some places where you can do some great wintersports. A lot of people are not aware of the beauty of Montenegro and that is why it is not that famous yet. However, when people hear about the beauty I am sure that popularity will increase fast. That is why now is a good time to travel to Montenegro.

Roatan, Honduras
Roatan is one of the Caribbean islands, but yet it is very unknown for lots of people. Most people are celebrating their holidays on such as St. Martin, Aruba, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for a paradise destination which is quiet and full of relaxation, you definitely should go to Roatan. The island also is an ideal destination for divers.


Fly-Geyser, Nevada
The Fly Geyser is a geyser which is located next to the Black Rock Desert, is the north-west of Nevada (USA). Due to its locations, the geyser is not that well known by many people. However, it is such a beautiful place. Just look at the picture above and I am sure you would like to see that in real life.

Hokkaido, Japan
The most famous places of Japan are Kyoto and Tokyo. I have been there and these are definitely beautiful places, but Japan offers so much more beauty. One of the more unknown places in the country is Hokkaido. A lot of people do know the place by name, but are not going there during their trip to Japan. Hokkaido is Japan’s most northern island and the perfect place for nature lovers like me! The island features national parks, lakes, hot springs and some great ski resorts. Hokkaido therefore is a nice place to travel to in summer and winter time.

I hope I gave you some new ideas for your next trip! Is there a destination you would like to add? Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments. I am always curious about new destinations. 🙂

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