It’s almost the end of the year and that means we can slowly make some New Year’s resolutions. One of my own is to cross off some destinations from my bucketlist and I am sure many of you travel lovers can agree. Here is some inspiration for destinations to visit in 2017.

Sevilla, Andalusia. Found on
Sevilla, Andalusia (from

1 Andalusia
Andalusia is a Spanish region and full of beautiful cities, like Sevilla, Grenada and Malaga. However, you can also find some beautiful, little places in the region. That’s why doing a road trip through Andalusia is the best way to discover the region. It offers magnificent nature, cosy city centres with small streets, a nice ambiance and hospitable locals. Besides, Andalusia is also well-known for its beach places like Costa del Sol.

Namibia (from

2 Namibia
You should visit this African country, because it’s not too touristic and it has some breath taking nature. In Namibia you can also find the Namib desert (the oldest desert in the world). The country is most known for its many national parks where you can find many kinds of animals, like elephants, zebras, lions and rhinos.

Dominica (from
Dominica (from

3 Dominica
This island, located in the Caribbean sea, is also known as the Nature Island. Dominica is the best island in the Caribbean sea to hike and dive. Furthermore, the island is well-known for the eco-tourism. Dominica is a destination where you can enjoy tranquillity, beautiful nature, rich culture and friendly locals.

Marrakech, Marocco (from
Marrakech, Morocco (from

4 Morocco
We’ve all heard of Marrakech: it is a fairy tale city with lots of hidden pearls. The city brings you immediately in a beautiful, Arabic ambiance. However, Morocco is more than just Marrakech. The country has so many beautiful places and making a round trip through Morocco let you experience more of the culture and the country. Visit for example the cities Rabat, Meknes and Fes; or visit the red desert and have an overnight stay there. Are you not a desert lover and more a mountain lover? Go visit the Atlas mountain! Morocco is very versatile and let you have a beautiful experience.


Macedonia (from


5 Macedonia
Macedonia gets more and more popular, that is why you should visit this country as soon as possible. So why not put it on your list of destinations to visit in 2017? Especially the area at and around lake Ohrid is definitely worth a visit with some breath taking views. Besides, the capital of Macedonia Skopje is also a nice city to pay a visit to.

Seoul, South Korea (from
Seoul, South Korea (from

6 South Korea
South Korea is a country that consists 70% of mountain landscape. The highest mountain is the Hallasan. The country also has some large cities: the capital Seoul is the second biggest city in the world (after Tokyo) with 22 million inhabitants. But not only for mountains and big cities you can go to South Korea; the country also features lots of sand beaches.

Moscow, Russia (from
Moscow, Russia (from

7 Russia
Russia is the biggest country in the world and located on the continents Europe and Asia. Because the country is that big, it has so much to offer and for each traveller something they are looking for. However, I think St. Petersburg and Moscow are the two destinations in Russia which are definitely worth a visit. Both have their own beauty, culture and history.

Jordan (from
Jordan (from

8 Jordan
Jordan is the ultimate destination for a roundtrip. The country has such a rich history which is such a beautiful experience to discover during your trip. Visit places like Madaba, Jerash and Petra or take a swim into the Death Sea. Go on adventure into the desert or take a ride on a camel. There are so many things to explore and do during your trip to Jordan.

Oman (from
Oman (from

9 Oman
Oman is a paradise and still undiscovered. Especially Musandam is a beautiful place. This peninsula has some beautiful fjord and mountains. Musandam is also called ‘the Norway of Arabia’. Oman has it all: a beautiful culture, water activities, outdoor sports, breath taking nature and white sanded beaches.

Myanmar (from
Myanmar (from

10 Myanmar
Since 2011, Myanmar (former Birma) attracts more tourists to the country and since that year, Myanmar gets more and more popular for tourists. In 2010, the amount of tourists was about 300,000. Three years later this increased to more than two million and it is expected to continue to grow. There are so many beautiful attractions. Bagan is one of the most visited places of Myanmar and definitely worth a visit. If you would like to travel to Myanmar, the best time is to do it now. Before everything gets more expensive and Myanmar gets more famous.

Have you ever visited one of these destinations? What were your experiences and what can you recommend?

Author: Tamara

9 Replies to “10 destinations to visit in 2017”

  1. Ooh yes – I actually haven’t been to any of these places! They are all on my bucketlist though, although I don’t think I can get to them all in 2016! South Korea and Myanmar are top of my list, Asia will be my next continent to explore I think 🙂

  2. I was actually compiling my 2017 destinations wishlist just now and I’ve included Morocco, Myanmar and Namibia, too!
    I may bump into you in one of those places next year it seems!

  3. Such a great list! It makes me feel so bad I haven’t been to any of them! I really want to visit Morocco next year though

  4. I would love to visit Morocco. Every time I see photos of Morocco it’s so colorful and the market streets look amazing. I definitely want to visit South Korea because I looove Korean food.

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