Do you love to look up the internet and social media for travel inspiration and beautiful travel photos? I do! Especially looking at Instagram and all the travel accounts I follow. In this article I will show you ten Instagram accounts which give, in my opinion, lots of travel inspiration!

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1. Dametraveler
My number one favorite travel account of Instagram! Such an rich amount of beautiful photos. The account says that its goal is to inspire and empower women to travel more, do more and be more. This account is founded by Nastasiaspassport. Every ‘dametraveler’ can send in her photos and maybe it will appear on this account too.

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2. Worldwanderlust
My favorite travel blogger and also one of my favorite travel accounts! She is always on the way and I love to read about her trips and see her beautiful travel photos. Worldwanderlust is a great example and inspiration for the solo traveler.

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3. Sharetravelpics
The biography at its account says enough: “Sharing travel pictures of our special planet earth! Tag your pictures with #sharetravelpics and we will find you!”. An account sharing beautiful nature pictures from all over the world and from everyone.

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Also an account with lots of beautiful nature (and travel) photos from all over the world, made by all kinds of people.

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5. Passionpassport
This Instagram account is a community of travellers, storytellers and creatives inspiring everyone to travel. And it definitely does! With its fascinating travel photos you would like to go on a trip straight away.

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6. Natgeotravel
A very inspirational travel account! From animals to culture and nature, this Instagram account shows it all.

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7. Theglasspassage
This account is found by Meredithbraden and Augustaleighphoto. Two girls who love travelling and photographing, and you can really see that back in their photos. Beautiful photos and absolutely great for travel inspiration. Their personal accounts are also worth the look (click on the names).

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8. Theblondeabroad
A travel and style blogger from California who is always on her way. She takes some very nice photos from destinations all over the world!

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9. Travelandleisure
This is the official account of Travel + Leisure, the world’s leading travel magazine brand. The account features very inspirational photos: all unique and so different from each other!

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10. Whatabouther_nl
A Dutch travel blogger. According to her Instagram account, she is a earthlover, travel writer and visual storyteller. Most of the time she is on her way and she takes some gorgeous photos which she shares on her Instagram.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for travel inspiration? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Tamara

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