10 Amazing luxury camping adventures

For some, camping in such a way is the perfect way of reconnecting with nature. Camping like this means that you will experience discomfort at times, but otherwise it’s a nice way of isolating oneself from the modern world.

Or you might as well try a luxurious camping adventure. It’s like a five-star hotel experience except you are camping in the outdoors. You get to do adventure in some exotic locations and then return back to a warm bed, prepared gourmet meals and a searing camping fire; all prepared in advanced for your benefit.

To give you an idea of what’s out there, here are ten amazing luxury camping adventures to try out.

Don’t Call It Glamping:
10 Amazing Luxury
Camping Adventures

1. Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru, The Maldives

While this location is only accessible by seaplane, this place provides a spectacular emerald jungle setting and the best part is that only eighteen people are allowed on the island at a time. Seclusion where you can enjoy dolphin watching cruises, catamaran trips and night fishing expeditions etc. is the perfect way to enjoy this ocean side camping experience.

2. Eco Camp, Chile

One of the things that you will appreciate about Eco Camp is that this place, which is located on the base of the Andes in Torres Del Paine National Park, has every bit of nature that you can take in. Sleep in real beds and eat excellent food while getting to see the Andes peaks, jungles and glaciers, for example. The igloo shaped tents are safe and luxurious enough that you can head out and enjoy activities such as kayaking, horse riding and wildlife spotting etc.

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3. Voyages Longitude 131, Australia

Located in the remote desert outback of Australia, this 30 person only camping resort has fifteen elevated tents, white domed roofs, and spectacular views of Ayers rock from your private decks. You even get air conditioning, CD players and your own personalized mini bar so you can maximum comfort. All of this, including the tours, drinks, meals and airport transfers are included in your fees for staying in the resort.

4. El Capitan Canyon, California, USA

What you will find with this 26 cream colored canvas tent resort is the pristine views of the El Capitan Canyon are excellent. Lots of activities such as mountain biking, kayaking and horse riding to do. When you return back from your adventures in the canyon, you will be able to relax in hand-woven willow beds and or stay outside in individual fire pits that are complete with barbecue kits. Concerts, yoga and wine tasting trips are also available as part of this luxurious experience.

 5. Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts and Spa, Canada

This camping resort, a 60-minute float plane trip from Vancouver to British Columbia, provides a great luxurious camping trip in the Canadian wilderness. With canvas tents that have homely features such as wooden floors, remote controlled propane wood stoves and private cedar bath house, you are guaranteed to have a great five-star experience. Wilderness activities such as bear or whale watching to horse riding are provided along with four course gourmet meals prepared by an acclaimed chef.

6. Aman-I-Khas, India

This resort, situated in the Ranthambore National Park, provides a sanctuary for you to enjoy luxury camping experiences. These tents include air conditioning, stand-alone showers and tubs. While there, you can get into the wilderness trips where you get to track tigers, lions and all sorts of reptiles and animals. Great time to go in the autumn to spring months for the wildlife viewings.

7. Garden Village Bled, Slovenia

With safari style tents that have air conditioning, double beds, bath tubs and all the amenities of a five star hotel all in the semi glacial Lake Bled area. You have access to an organic restaurant, spring water pool and a chance to hike Mt. Triglav. Activities that you can enjoy include tennis, rafting, cycling, gold and paragliding, to name a few.


8. ATTA Desert Camp, Morocco

If you have ever wanted to travel to the famed Sahara Desert while at the same time dining in a luxurious camping experience, then going to the ATTA desert camp will do you a favor. Staying in one of three luxury tents, you get your own private bathroom complete with hot water. The best part is that you get to do many activities in the Sahara Desert such as sand dune surfing and camel riding. Finally, you get to enjoy a great dinner under the Saharan night sky, which is filled with lots of stars.


9. Serengeti & Silverbacks Touring, East North Africa

This fifteen-day adventure in Serengeti National Park, which begins in Rwanda and ends in Tanzania, is one of the most adventurous luxury camping trip on this list. Doing things such as tracking gorillas in the east African jungle, boat trips and game drives. You also get to live in premium permanent tents along with staying in hotels, farms and lodges throughout this trip.

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10. Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, Thailand

An all year round camping trip that is based on a floating camp site in the Cheow Lang Lake. The camp, near a scenic corner of a tropical rainforest, has twenty custom made tents that allow you to go swimming from a porch attached to the tent. Do kayaking excursions and interact with the locals in the Elephant camp, this is a scenic experience that not many camps can recreate.

Thanks for reading our guide to ten luxurious camping adventures. If you have a question about any of the places featured in this list, or you have another enquiry, feel free to ask in the comments box down below this article.

Also, if you want to create your own luxurious camping experience, then check out this tent guides that gives you an idea of what to look for. Examples of our articles include choosing a tent for burning man or how to stay warm in your tent.

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