10 places you should visit when traveling to Israel

Planning a trip to Israel? These are the 10 places you should definitely visit when traveling to this beautiful country!

Dead Sea

1 The Dead Sea

Of course the Dead Sea cannot be missed during your trip through Israel. This lake is well-known for its salinity, which makes the lake fun to float into. Besides, you can cover your body in the healthy Dead Sea mud to find pure, inner relaxation. It’s a great experience! There are several public places where you can have a “swim” in the water.

Other sights to visit around the Dead Sea are Massada and Ein Gedi. Click here for more information about a day trip around the Dead Sea.

2 Bethlehem

Bethlehem is the only city mentioned in this article which is located in Palestine, but shouldn’t definitely be missed. The city is most well-known for the Church of the Nativity: a major Christian holy site, which also is a World Heritage Site. The Church of Nativity is the traditional place of Christ’s birth.

Sea of Galilee

3 Sea of Galilee

Located quite in the North of Israel, you can find the Sea of Galilee. This is the largest freshwater lake in Israel. This lake has so much history, especially when you read the New Testament. According to this, The Sea of Galilee was the lake where Jesus was able to walk on the water. Nowadays, there are many boat trips organised over the Sea of Galilee. Furthermore, you can also do some water activities.

Golan Heights

4 Golan Heights

In the very North of Israel, you can find the Golan Heights. If you’re into nature and hiking, than this is definitely worth the visit! The Golan region offers a variety of different paths with varying levels of difficulty, dependent on the time of the year. During the hikes, you can have some breath taking views over the nature reserves and landscapes.

Basilica of Annunciation

5 Nazareth

Nazareth is an important holy destination for Christians around the world. Here you can visit the Basilica of the Annunciation, which is the biggest Christian church of the Middle East and which was established at the site where, according to Roman Catholic tradition, the Annunciation took place. The annunciation from the angel Gabriël, who told Maria that she would give life to Jesus. At the bottom of the basilica you can find a cave where, as said, Maria lived.


6 Tiberias

Tiberias is a really nice city, located in the North of Israel, right next to the Sea of Galilee. The city center has a really nice atmosphere, also because of the fact that the city has this beautiful location. There is a lively boulevard with some restaurants and bars. The old city center of Tiberias also has some shops, which are easily reachable by foot.

Caesarea, aqueduct

7 Caesarea

Caesarea is one of the most important excavation sites of Israel. Sometimes, Caesarea is also called Maritima, because there are more places with the same name and in this way, people can distinguish the different places. The remnants you can find in the park date from the 3rd Century before Christ until the 13th Century after Christ, when the crusaders settles in the place. The crusaders have made the city a fortified city with thick walls and deep canals. When you go and have a look at the remnants of Caesarea, you can also find a big amphitheatre and hippodrome. It’s also very beautiful to walk through the old port. When you go a little outside of the city, you can find some aqueducts which provided the water supply to Caesarea. The aqueducts are beautifully located at the sea.

8 Jerusalem

Jerusalem is considered one of the world’s holiest cities, as it is home to important spiritual sites for three major religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In the city center, you can find all three religions living so close to each other with four quarters in total: The Muslim, the Armenian, the Christian and the Jewish quarter. At one time you are walking through a Islamic district, while all of a sudden you arrive in a Christian district. It gives such a special atmosphere!

The Old Town of Jerusalem, located at the center, is surrounded by a big wall. This part of Jerusalem also is the most interesting part of the city. Here you can find lots of religious history by visiting places such as the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Church of Holy Sepulcher and the Western Wall. It’s definitely one of the most impressive cities I’ve ever seen.


9 Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the city where, most of the time, you arrive at the airport and start your journey through Israel. Comparing to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is a very developed city and therefor it’s a modern city. The city combines relaxing beaches, a dynamic nightlife, authentic markets/districts and much more. Most people come to Tel Aviv to enjoy a beach holiday and to go out and have some drinks in the evening. There is so much to explore! And don’t forget to pay a visit to Jaffa; an ancient port city which is part of Tel Aviv with a beautiful location.

Photo via Flickr, by Dan

10 Eilat

And if you’ve visit the North and Middle side of Israel, you should also definitely pay a visit to the South. Eilat is a perfect place to end your trip through Israel and from here there are many flights going. It’s the ideal destination for having a relaxing last few days. There are many beautiful hotels and you can enjoy your days at the beach and swimming in the Red Sea.

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