The most astonishing and best travel quizzes

Do you like to test your knowledge with some good travel quizzes once in a while?! I love the occasional challenge of travel related questions. During lockdown, I have been busy putting my travel knowledge to the test.

Strap yourself in and prepare to put your world knowledge to the test. Here are the very best travel quizzes and tick-off challenges, covering everything from capital cities and unusual flags to rivers and castles. Can you beat them all? I trust you not to do any peeking!

The ultimate travel quiz: countries of the world from A to Z

Put your knowledge of the world’s countries to the ultimate travel test, as you run through the world atlas from A to Z.

Guess the city skylines

Can you guess these famous destinations based on photographs of their city skylines?

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz

Strap yourself in and prepare to put your world knowledge to the test. There’s no way you’ll score full marks, but how close can you come?

Identify world cities from street plans

Many cities of the world have their unique shapes and street plans. The Guardian put together this travel quiz which challenges you to identify these world cities from their street plans alone. Nothing else, just the street plans from a birds eye view. Give it a try!

Guess the airline logos

How well do you know your airline logos? Try this airline logos quiz to test your knowledge!

The CNN Travel quiz: Who, what, why, when and where in the world?

We all know that travel broadens the mind. CNN travel’s experts have been compiling some tricky questions to test your knowledge of the planet. Can you beat them all?

Around the world travel quiz

Brush up on your world trivia and tackle it yourself or save these 15 travel questions for your next turn as quizmaster.

Pin some travel photos and your dream vacation will be revealed

Pin travel photos and turn your dream trip into a reality. Not really a quiz, but true fun!

Where is the world’s highest, biggest, deepest …?

How low or high can you go? Test your geography know-how and powers of deduction with this superlative quiz.

How many of these bucket list experiences have you ticked off?

Every travel bucket list is different. Yours might involve exploring every inch of Nepal, climbing Mount Everest, or visiting some of the world’s largest capital cities. Whatever the case, there are several classic destinations and never-forget experiences I see on bucket lists time and time again. How many of these bucket list experiences have you ticked off (so far)?

If you know any other exciting travel quizzes, feel free to share them in the comment section below! I love putting my travel knowledge to the test and can’t wait to beat them all!

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