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13 Useful websites for booking a trip

During the time I studied the Bachelor study Tourism, I have learned about a lot of organisations and companies all over the world. I would like to share the websites with you which are very useful (in my opinion) when you would like to book a trip. These websites will help you with choosing a trip that can be cheap, but offers you a great experience.

In this article, I will provide you nine international website which are useful for booking a flight, accommodation or trip and choosing a destination.




Airbnb is a website that provides guests with accommodation. At this website it is not about B2C (Business to Consumer), but C2C (Consumer to Consumer), what makes it extra special. People all over the world can rent his or her house, apartment or room to travelers. In that way, it gives the trip a special experience, because as a traveler, you will get in contact with the locals. You can choose for yourself in what kind of accommodation you would like to stay and for what price. There are accommodations in all price categories, what makes this website nice for everyone. Furthermore, the host of your accommodation can give you lots of tips about the destination.



Couchsurfing is a website which has to do with accommodation. At this website, you can get in contact with local people from your destination who are offering a free place to sleep at their home. You can compare this website with Airbnb, but the only difference is the fact that most people from Couchsurfing just offer a sleeping place and not an entire room, apartment or house. Furthermore, Couchsurfing is a cheap way to book a stay, because it is for free.



Booking.com is a website which also has to do with accommodation. At this website, you can find the cheapest and best hotels all around the world. The website often offers rooms with discount and is one of the most popular websites when it comes to booking a hotel.



Hostelworld is one of the most popular websites when it comes to booking a hostel. This organisation provides the best and cheapest hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels all over the world.




Skyscanner is a website which has to do with flights. At this website, you can compare all airlines, dates, destinations and airports for departure. By comparing these things, you are sure you will book the cheapest flight for your trip.


Rome 2 Rio

This website really is a great one! If you already have a destination, Rome2rio shows you the most cheapest and fastest way to get there, ideal! On this website you can also search for an accommodation or for renting a car, but the website is mostly popular because of the transport help it gives you.

Must sees and do’s


Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is a website which has to do with must sees at your destination. At this website, you can experience destinations like a local, because locals will give you all kinds of tips about their country or city. This website shows you sights that are not touristic and will provide you with new and different experiences during your trip.

Cheap trips


Holiday Pirates

Holiday Pirates is a website which has to do with cheap trips. This website shows you all the deals and cheapest trips of the moment.



Travelbird is a website which has to do with cheap trips. You can compare this website a little bit with Holiday Pirates, because it gives you great deals. On the other hand, there is a difference between Holiday Pirates and Travelbird. Travelbird offers you deals, while Holiday Pirates look for deals all over the internet and share those with you.

Reviews and inspiration



Tripadvisor is a website which has to do with reviews about a certain destination or accommodation. Before you are going to book a trip, it is useful and smart to look up your chosen accommodation on Tripadvisor, so you can check if it is a nice and good accommodation. This is also smart to do for your destination and tourist attractions. Here you can find all the information, tips and reviews you need as a preparation for your trip.


Lonely Planet

A great website when it comes to travel inspiration. When you are not sure yet which destination you would like to go to, you should definitely pay a visit to this website!




On this website, you can find all the guides to backpacking Europe, the United States, Australia and Canada. You can find all the tips and information you need for booking and preparing a backpack trip.


The backpacking site

This website is actually focused on the youth. Like the website says itself: “You will find information on every aspect of backpacking and low cost travel, ideally suited to gap year students or those who simply wish to see the world and experience everything while they have the chance”. This website gives all the useful and practical tips you need when preparing for a trip. From visas and travel insurance to country guides and hostel listing, you can all find it on this website!

I hope I have given you enough and useful information. Are you looking for any tips when it comes to booking a trip? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments! Do you have any other useful websites? Let me know!

Author: Tamara

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13 useful websites for booking a trip

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