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15 Best vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Utrecht

When I moved to Utrecht about five months ago, finding vegetarian food in restaurants could sometimes be a frustrating experience. Today, I know some great places in Utrecht to enjoy a vegetarian or vegan meal and I would love to share them with you! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just searching for plant-based dining options in Utrecht, this list will help you find a few great places to head to. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in-between, there are plenty of options available for vegetarians or vegans in Utrecht.

I hope this list with my top 15 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Utrecht can help you! Are you looking for more vegan restaurants in Utrecht? On RestauPlant you can find more than 50 vegan friendly restaurants in Utrecht.


Close to my old neighborhood, you can find Broei. This cosy vegetarian restaurant lies just outside Utrecht’s town centre. You can either walk via the town’s centre to the restaurant or take a train to Utrecht train station Vaartsche Rijn and walk for about two minutes. The restaurant has a terrace close to the water side and uses ingredients from mostly local suppliers. The menu draws from several international cuisines and includes many items made from vegetables like pumpkin, lentils or beets.

Life’s a peach

Life’s a Peach is a nice getaway in Utrecht and known for its focaccias. The restaurant has comfy chairs and a relaxed, friendly vibe that you’re sure to love. The menu is small and every dish is plant based and as far as possible locally sourced and organically justified.

Green house

The Green house is a restaurant, urban farm, green hub and city terrace in one! This place is not fully vegan or vegetarian, but offers some delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. Most ingredients are from the Utrecht region and from their own urban farm. It couldn’t be fresher! While you’re waiting for your vegetarian dish, you can go upstairs and visit their urban farm. Let yourself be inspired by the many stories and encounters about how things can be done differently and more sustainably!

Carla’s Conditorie

Looking for a great place to lunch? Carla’s Conditorie is a bakery, coffee shop and lunchroom with a Swedish-inspired menu. All meals are vegetarian and plant milk is available for coffee.


You’ve probably heard of Gys, a great place serving organic food for lunch and dinner. Gys divides its menu into several categories that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. The restaurant even has vegan desserts! Feel like trying something delicious? Try their meat-free hotdogs!


De Werfking is a vegetarian restaurant located inside one of the many underground wharfs that back onto Oudegracht canal. Enjoy a light lunch, an extensive dinner, or some snacks at the restaurant’s terrace. There’s always something different on offer, as de Werfking alters its vegetarian menu every day.


This restaurant was located next to my previous home! LE EN‘s menu boasts tons of cool Asian-inspired vegetarian options, like mushroom dumplings, jackfruit curry, and veggie sushi. The dishes are small, because it has a sharing plate concept. The restaurant can easily be visited by public transport via train station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn or bus 8 in the direction of Lunetten. Get off at stop Tolsteeg. Make sure to also try an Asian beer or a delicious cocktail! 


SOY serves a great selection of vegetarian and vegan Asian-Fusion meals. Dishes are with nasi, bami, or mihoen. The restaurant specializes in imitation meat and fish as well as soy dishes.

Oproer Brouwerij

Oproer Brouwerij is a craft beer brewery serving beer and plant based food. The restaurant opened in 2016 and its menu changes every month. Oproer Brouwerij serves great vegetarian and vegan meals with local and organic ingredients. As the restaurant is attached to a craft brewery, their set menu is available alongside three special beers that match perfectly with each dish. To visit this restaurant, you can best take the train to Utrecht train station Zuilen.


This popular chain of organic salad bars has branches all over the Netherlands. In Utrecht, you can find three Sla lunchrooms. SLA’s menu changes with the season and always includes healthy, vegetarian or vegan salads. The salads are more than just lettuce. You can order them with delicious roasted or steamed vegetables or other tasty treats. More in the mood for a soup, poke bowl, or vegan kapsalon? Sla also has some great non lettuce options!

Waku Waku

Waku Waku is a plant based restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner. The menu regularly changes, but most of the time you can find comfort food like burgers, pasta, kapsalon, tempeh fish fillet and salads. Waku Waku tries to work as much as possible with fresh and organic produce. If you go here for a vegetarian meal, you should try their apple crumble pie as dessert and drink one of their cocktails! 


Restaurant vanPlanten offers a monthly menu and daily creations of international dishes. It sources from small farms and focuses on sustainability. A great, unexplored place to enjoy a plant-based meal in Utrecht.


This vegetarian bakery and coffee shop offers light sandwiches, cakes, and vegan soups. Many of the breads are vegan too. The food is fresh and mostly organic.

Meneer Smakers

Meneer Smakers is a popular burger bar. It serves regular burgers, but also great vegetarian burgers! Its menu includes two meat-free patties, veggie Belgian style fries, and another fully vegan option made from white lupin beans

Vegan bamboo bar

This self-service restaurant offers delicious meat-free burgers, fries, soups and salads. What do you think of a thai red coconut curry? Some vegan chicken satay? A walnut mushroom burger or a smokey tempeh black bean burger? The vegan bamboo bar in Utrecht offers great vegan food! It is located between Central Station and Hoog Catherijne shopping centre.

Did I miss your favorite place?
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