20 ways to keep your holiday memories

1. Make a scrapbook

This is the most traditional, popular and well-known way to keep your holiday memories. You put your favourite holiday photos in a creative way into a book.

2. Or a smash book

You can compare the smash book to the scrapbook, but still there is a difference. The idea behind the book and the basic elements are kind off the same, but the preparation and the presentation is different from a scrapbook. With a scrapbook, you plan on how to get your favourite photos in the best way in the book, but with a smash book, you just do and sometimes even make it during your trip. The smash book is, in short, much more unplanned.


3. Or make a photo book online

A more easy way to make a travel photo album is to do it online. It definitely saves time when it comes to preparation and planning. You just have to pick your favourite photos, choose a nice lay out and there you go!


4. Write your travel stories and experiences down in a travel diary

It is nice to read back about all your experiences during your trips. You can buy a nice looking travel journal and write down all your travel experiences during or after your trip. You can mix your stories with sticking some photos or tickets from your trip. Looking at my personal experience, the best way to do this, is during your trip. In that way, you still know all the details. You can take every day a moment to write something down.


5. Collect souvenirs of your travel destinations

This one sounds obvious, because most people already do this. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs in a country. When I go on a trip, I buy from every country a postcard, which I keep in a photo album, a key ring and something typical of that country which I can put down on my shelf in my bedroom. You can also buy an open locker which you can hang up the wall. In this locker you can put your souvenirs. Another example of place where you can keep your souvenirs is in a showcase.

6. Make yourself a travel box

Buy yourself a box or pick a box which you already have in your house, paint it a nice colour and write down the destination you have been. In that way, you already have a nice and own customized box. In this box, you can collect all your favourite photos, brochures, tickets and other things from your trips.

7. Or put your holiday memories into a list

Buy yourself a big list where you can put all your favourite photos and other souvenirs (like tickets and post cards) in and hang the list up on the wall in your living- or bedroom.

8. Make a memory jar

Another way to write down your travel experiences, is by making a memory jar. You can just buy a random jar you like or grab one which you already have in your house. Then you pick some little notes where you write down the date on and your travel experience. Everything that made your trip unforgettable you can write down. Put all the little notes into the jar and put a sticker on the jar with the destination and the year. It looks really nice when you put it on your shelf and it gives some nice memories when you look back into it in a few years from now.

9. Hang up a photo frame with clothes pins and hang up your favourite Instagram pictures

Nowadays, you can find a lot of frames into stores with clothes pins where you can hang up your favourite pictures. However, you can also make it yourself. You just need a list without any glass in it, some wire and clothes pins. In that way, you make yourself a nice photo frame where you can hang up all your favourite (Instagram) pictures of your holiday.


10. Buy yourself a world map and pin all the places you have been

The most important thing to have in your room as a travel addict, is a world map. You can dream away and just look at all the places that you still want to visit. A popular way to show to what places you have already been, is to pin all the places on your world map with pushpins. You can also pin the places you would still like to go to. These places you can pin in another colour.

11. Or pin some photos at the places on the map where they have been taken

Another way to show on a world map the places you have visited, is to pin your most favourite photo of a trip to the place where it has been taken. When the pictures are too big and it does not fit on the world map, you can also cut the photo into the figure of the country itself.

12. Make a jar where you keep your collection of sand

Another way to use that jar from the memory jar, is to collect some sand of every beach you have been in every country. All the different sand you can keep into a jar, whereupon you put a sticker on the jar on each piece of sand and write down the place and beach where you get the sand from.

13. Send yourself a postcard from your trip

A nice thing to get when you are just back from your trip, is a postcard from yourself. You can write and send the postcard on your last day of your holiday and mostly you will get the postcard a little while after that day. It is nice to get a postcard and dream back about your holiday memories when you are back to normal life again.


14. Print your favourite holiday photos and turn them into magnets

You can do a lot of things with your favourite photos of your holiday. Like turn them into magnets. You can do that on this website.

15. Or turn your favourite photos into drink coasters

When you use drink coasters a lot, it is nice to turn your favourite photos into coasters, so every time you use them, you can dream back to your vacation. You can turn your photos into drink coasters on this website.

16. You can also turn your most favourite photo into a canvas and hang it on the wall 

Do you have one photo which is absolutely your favourite one? On this website you can turn that photo into a canvas and hang it on the wall in your (living) room.

17. Buy a world map wall sticker, hang some photos next to the world map and link the photos to the place on the world map where they have been taken

Another nice idea for decorating your (living) room, is to buy a world map wall sticker. After you have put the sticker on the wall, you put your favourite photos into photo frames and hang these frames up on the wall, around the world map. Eventually, you can connect the photos with, for example, a pencil to the places where the photos have been taken.

18. Stitch your roundtrip on a world map

Did you make a roundtrip in a certain country? You can cut the country out of a word map, stitch your roundtrip on the map and then list it into a frame, which you can hang up on the wall.

19. Take with you every trip a stone and write down where it comes from

Other things you can collect during all your trips, are stones. Every country has different kind of stones and you can take one from every holiday. When you are home, you can write down the place where it comes from and the year when you have visited this place.

20. List in your favourite travel photo with a self-made passe-partout of a world map

You can just buy a normal list in the stores and customize the frame into a world map frame. Just pick a map you do not use anymore and make it into a frame. Put your favourite photo into the frame and voila, you have a real holiday frame with your favourite photo.

I hope you can do something with these tips for keeping your holiday memories! Do you have other tips? Let me know!

Author: Tamara

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20 ways to keep your holiday memories


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