20 Inspiring travel photos of Montenegro

At the end of August last year, I’ve made a round trip by car through Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. During the trip, I fell in love with the magnificent nature Montenegro has to offer. One of the highlights was my stay in Durmitor National Park, where I couldn’t stop making photographs of the beautiful environment.

But not only the nature is impressive in Montenegro. The country also has some really nice towns and lots of fun activities. In this article I will show you 20 travel photos which I’ve made during my time in Montenegro. Enjoy!

Riding into the beautiful Durmitor National Park
Beautiful landscapes in the Durmitor National Park
A nice accommodation surrounded by vineyards (Skadar Lake National Park)
Devil’s Lake in Durmitor National Park
Gospa od Škrpjela Island, just in front of Perast town
Durmitor National Park
The town center of Kotor
Kayaking over the Skadar Lake
Beautiful shapes in Durmitor National Park
View over Sveti Đorđe Island, just in front of Perast
Looking to the mountains in Durmitor National Park
You can find these all around the Skadar Lake
The church tower of Perast
The Tara Bridge in Durmitor National Park
Zminica Lake in Durmitor National Park
View over Gospa od Škrpjela Island from our accommodation in Perast, during sunset
Skadar Lake National Park
Beautiful piece of Durmitor National Park
The town of Perast

Hopefully I’ve inspired you with these photographs of Montenegro. It’s absolutely a destination worth to put on your bucket list! Would you like to read more about Montenegro? You can find my other posts by clicking here.

Author: Tamara

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