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20 Travel essentials for every trip

Some things are always on your packing list when you are preparing for a new trip. With this article I would like to give you a list of travel essentials which I always take with me. For the next trip, making a packing list will be much easier. Enjoy!

1. Earplugs

For me really one of the most important things to take on a trip. I love listening to music, especially when I am on the way, in the airplane, while taking a little nap.

2. Passport

You always have to carry your passport with you when you are going on a trip. Without a passport, you are not coming anywhere. I carry my passport with me in a cover which says ‘World Trip’. In this way, the passport will keep looking nice. Another useful thing about the passport cover, is the fact that I also can put money and other important stuff, like the boarding paper, in it. This makes it easy when you have to check-in. To be honest, I never use the cover for my money, but I always put my boarding pass and other travel documents in the cover.

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3. A good book or magazines

I absolutely love to read! That is why I cannot go on a trip without taking a good book with me. I am Dutch, but I love to read English-written books. John Green is one of my favourite authors, I am almost done with reading all of his books. Besides that, I like to discover new books and authors. If you are not really a book fan, an alternative can be to take some magazines with you. Sometimes I take some travel- or women magazines to read in the airplane or at the destination.

4. Photo camera

I cannot go on a trip without taking my photo camera with me. I really love photographing, especially of the destinations where I am, the trips I make and the environment of the place. My father has a Nikon camera, which I always take with me. I am still looking for a good photo camera for myself. Furthermore, photos make the possibility to get back to a place (in your mind) where you have been with one shot!

5. Ziplocs

Very useful for all your liquids in your hand luggage. I always put my liquids in a Ziploc and I always take one extra with me, just in case.

6. Wallet

Also a very important thing you should not forget when going on a trip: your wallet with you bank pass and money. And if you go to a destination with another currency, do not forget to change money beforehand.

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7. Plastic bags

I always take plastic bags with me on a trip. I use them to put my shoes in and for the laundry, but they are kind off useful for a lot of things.

8. Medicines

These are especially very important when you are going to a destination with a totally different climate and culture. Think of aspirins, diarrhoea inhibitors and anti-mosquito.

9. Little shampoos and shower gel

These are very useful for your hand luggage: you can take liquids until 100 ml in your hand luggage. To keep those liquids all together, you can put it in a Ziploc. In case you lose your checked luggage, you have always some necessary things in your hand luggage.

10. Disinfecting wipes

Always useful! I like to have it with me during a trip, just in case I need it.

11. First aid stuff, like plasters for blisters

When you are planning to go hiking during your trip, you should absolutely think of plasters for potential blisters. Besides, plasters in general are always good to have with you, just in case. You never know what can happen during your trip, so be prepared.

12. Bubble gum

For me, this is especially very useful in the airplane. It helps for your ears during the take-off and landing of the airplane, because at those times, the changes in air pressure can have an effect on your ears.

13. Facial cream

Another thing which is for me very useful for the airplane trip. In the airplane, there is a lot of ‘dry air’. I get a very dry skin from sitting in an airplane and therefore, facial cream is very nice to put on my face to reduce the dryness.

14. Travel journal

I always try to take a travel journal with me. I love to write during my trips. In that way, I can write everything down in details, because I just experienced it and all the (little) memories are still very clear in my head. Mostly I am doing this every night, before I go to bed. In this travel journal, I also keep tickets and more from my trip. I love to read those travel journals back a few months, or even years, later.

15. Good hiking shoes

These are also very useful when you are planning to go hiking during your trip. I really love to hike myself, that is why I always take some good hiking shoes with me, besides my normal shoes and maybe flip flops or something.

16. Mobile phone and recharger

Of course I always take my mobile phone with me during my trips. Not only to stay in contact with home, but also for making pictures and for my music, which all is on my mobile phone. Besides your mobile phone, you should not forget your recharger (actually this also is in interest for the photo camera), which is often very easy to forget.

17. Sunglasses

This one actually only fits for when you are going to a sunny and warm destination, but that is when I always take sunglasses with me. I am a person who can easily forget a sunglasses, so it is very useful to put this on the list of travel essentials (however, of course you can also buy one on your destination).

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18. Sunscreen

This one also only fits for when you are going to a sunny and warm destination, but if you are going to a warm destination, you should not forget your sunscreen. It is extremely important to put sunscreen on your skin when you are planning to go into the sun, even if the sun is not that strong!

19. Bottle of water

I know myself, I always get thirsty when I am on the way. Of course you can buy something to drink everywhere, but I like to have a bottle of water in my purse, so I can drink whenever I am thirsty. I know, you cannot take the bottle with water through customs, but you can empty the bottle beforehand and after you got through customs, you can fill it again in the bathroom if you want to. Or you can just buy a new one after customs. Whatever you like!

20. Adapter for all countries

If you go to a destination with another plug connection, you need an adapter which fit for every plug connection. You can buy it beforehand, but if you forget, there is always a possibility to still buy it on the airport before you go.

Do you have any additions to this list? Let me know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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