20 travel gifts to make travel addict satisfied

Whether you are looking for gifts for yourself, your favorite travel companion or your best friend, these gifts will make your journey smoother and a travel addict satisfied. Make the holiday and Christmas season special with these 20 travel gifts.

Scratchable World Map
Scratch off every country you have visited with an interactive map. It will definitely inspire you to travel more, so you can scratch more! Get one via this website (€32).

Scratch map

Gift voucher canvas painting
Print your most wonderful and beautiful picture of your last holiday on a canvas painting. It is a great memory and I am sure everyone likes to get a gift voucher for this.

Crumpled Map
These maps are amazing. They will not get crumpled from overuse. When you are done using it, you just crumple it up and place it in your pocket.  Get one via this website (€12).


Travel towel
Of course you will take some towels with you during your travels. These towels are easy to wring out and dry very quick. Next to this, they are less heavy than normal towels. Visit this website for more information (€18).

Go pro camera
This is a perfect gift for every traveller. It is a very nice camera which is perfect to use during all your adventures. The camera is waterproof and can be used during different sport activities. Get one via this website (€300 – €500).

USB travel charger
This is a perfect charger for during your journey. You can charge different devices via one charger. Read more about an USB travel charger via this website (€30).


JBL Clip
Another technological gadget which is very nice to take with you during your journey. It is a small speaker. You can connect the speaker with your phone or Ipad via a small cable or via bluetooth. The speaker features a clip and is easy to connect to your backpack. Get one via this website (€60).

Power bank
A power bank is really useful to take with you during a journey. You can easily recharge your phone or any other device. It is a perfect gadget. Get one via this website (€25).


Selfiestick / Quik Pod Handheld Convertible Tripod
You will never have to ask strangers again to take pictures for you with this Quik Pod Handheld Convertible Tripod. Visit this website for more information (€28).

In December it is the time to start planning your next big trip, so break out the calendar and start marking off dates (€ 5 – €15).

Travel stories
It is always inspirational to read about travel. An example of a good travel book is: ‘Monuments: 50 Irreplaceable Site To Discover, Explore, and Champion’ Read more about this book via this website (€46).


Mini travel First Aid kit
Big chance that you will need a First Aid kid once during your trip. This small box is always useful to bring along in your luggage. Get one via this website (€24).

Travel wallet
This wallet is very handy to take with you in busy streets, markets or on the airport. Get one via this website (€ 18).


Passport holder
Use this pretty passport holder to travel in style. Get one via this website (€45).

Travel journey
It is always a nice idea to give a journey to someone. It is handy to write about all your adventures, to use some of the paper for a fire or to use it as toilet paper in case you forgot it (€5 – €20).


Small shower articles
Small shower articles are always nice to take with you during your journey. Nobody wants to smell bad right? (€5 – €15).

Travel Iron
Keep your clothes neat with this small iron. It is easy to carry and works very fast. Read more about it via this website (€28).


Waterproof cover
It is very important to keep your important stuff like your telephone and camera safe. This waterproof cover is very useful to protect your stuff (€15 – €50).

Luggage organiser
This organiser is very handy to pack your suitcase very fast and well ordered. Get one via this website (€28).


Cute Luggage Tags
Every traveler needs a unique travel tag to pick up your luggage more smoothly among dozens of similar-looking ones. There are plenty of nice luggage tag available on the internet (€15).

It is almost Christmas time and I asked Santa Claus for a JBL Clip. Which one of the above items would you like to get?

Author: Daphne

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