8 Incredible Water Sports in Bali You Must Try

Despite the relatively small size, Bali is one of the main tourist destinations of Indonesia and Asia. So, if you are planning a vacation this year, Bali would be an adventurous and perfect spot for you. Check out the fantastic water sports activities here:

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Water Skiing

Water Skiing is another exciting water sport which requires adequate body strength, and the right balance of the skier. Calmer waters are the most preferred ones, while you are gliding on the surface of the water. Visit Tanjung Benoa Beach to try different kinds of water sports!

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is indeed the most popular water sport here, because of the pure waters and elegant corals. Don’t be afraid, if you do not know how to dive. Scuba trainers here had done their dive instructor course known as Instructor Development Course (IDC). With the help of such mentors, you can explore the underwater world and marine life. When you would like to go diving, it is nice to take a day trip from Lovina to Menjangan Island, Tulamben or Amed.

Buddha underwater, Bali, Indonesia
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Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride is an additional amusing sport if you want to have some fun with your buddies or family members. Thus, ride on an inflatable boat with a professional guide would be delightful for you. You for sure can find some banana boats at Tanjung Benoa Beach!


Surfing is a surface water sport, in which the surfer rides with a fast-moving wave. Numerous surfing schools here, enhance every class of experience. Go for this ambitious venture, if you have never surfed once in your life. Best waves for most sites are during the dry season, from April to August with good easterly winds and without much flotsam around. This posts introduces you to 5 Best Bali Surf Spots for Beginners.


Snorkeling is the exercise of swimming through a diving mask, swim fins and a breathing tube called as a snorkel. It is one more recreational activity, which does not need any diving experience. Snorkel around Pemuteran, Bali’s hidden underwater temple or at the Japanese ship wreck in Amed.

Sea Walking

Sea Walking is relatively a new and unique trend in water sports which does not require swimming. Using just a specially designed helmet, one can explore the aquatic beauty with great pleasure. Try on the Seawalker helmet to experience the underwater world of Bali. Seawalker is ideal for those who would love to explore life under the sea but are not confident swimmers or do not wish to dive.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing guarantees adrenaline-fueled throttle on water’s surface. Jet Skiing is a must to indulge in if you are fearless enough to ride on waves. Experience the spouting water around you, while moving through the waves. At Tanjung Benoa Beach you can ride a Jet Ski on open water!

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River Rafting

River Rafting uses a blown boat to navigate a river. Enjoy this whole feel of joy by conquering the rapids and fall in love with the exotic beauty of Bali. There are two rivers to choose from in Bali, the Ayung and the Telaga Waja River. Author Daphne once did rafting on the Ayung river and it was amazing! On the river are plenty of rapids and along the river you will see rice paddy fields, jungle with monkeys, waterfalls, and some forests. The best time for white water rafting in Bali is in the wet-season, between November and March, when the rapids are at their wildest. From April to September there is less water in the rivers and there won’t be too much white water on the rapids.

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