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3 Perfect careers for travel enthusiasts

For people who love to travel, having a job that keeps you tied down to one area for years on end can be really draining. If you are yearning for a career that will enable you to travel around and see the world, below are three roles that are well worth considering.

Flight attendant

Perhaps the most obvious job for anyone that wants to be able to jet around the world is that of a flight attendant. Flight attendants are responsible for seeing to the needs of passengers during air travel on short domestic flights as well as longer international routes. Most flight attendants in the US will begin by accompanying flights during domestic travel, before moving on to long-haul international flights afterwards.

The precise requirements for becoming a flight attendant will vary from airline to airline; there is no universal standard for hopefuls to adhere to. Of course, you will need to be comfortable with traveling on an aircraft, and you will also need to have good interpersonal skills in order to interact with passengers and see to their needs during the flight.

Financial services

Financial services careers, such as accounting or mortgage jobs, are ideal for those that need to travel because they are needed all around the world. Once you have qualifications and experience, you will then be able to take these skills just about anywhere in the world. One of the big appeals of working in financial services is the potential to land a lucrative and high-paying role at a major firm. Jobs at this level aren’t going to open up to you instantly, but if you are able to prove yourself, then you should find it relatively easy to find a high paying job abroad.

Jobs in the financial services sector tend to appeal to those who are good with numbers. If you feel right at home with math and statistics puzzles, then this is undoubtedly an excellent potential career for you to explore. The potential to take your skills around the world is just an added bonus.


Nurses are required all over the world. It doesn’t matter what the surrounding political or economic system is, people need access to healthcare and therefore need nurses to help run those healthcare systems. Nursing is also one of the few degrees you can earn which tend to be international in nature. For example, if you earn a nursing degree from an American university, a country where the healthcare system is considered to be advanced, you should have no trouble using this to land a job in a different country and healthcare system.

Nursing is also a fantastic career choice for anyone who is passionate about helping other people. Nurses can work in a variety of different contexts, including old people’s homes, hospitals, and even schools. Regardless of the setting that you work in, working as a nurse is a unique opportunity to help other people and to make a real difference to both individuals and society.

For people who love to travel, choosing a job that is conducive to traveling can lead to much higher levels of job satisfaction, as well as greater levels of overall happiness. The above careers are just a small selection of the many options that are perfectly suited to those who want to travel.

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