4 Best Girls Trip Activities in Valdosta

When it’s time for you and the girls to go on vacation, you should surprise them by suggesting an underrated U.S. city, like Valdosta, GA. Valdosta isn’t on anyone’s top ten list of vacation destinations, but that doesn’t stop it from offering plenty of options for ladies on the lookout for a good time. All of these options are great for keeping you entertained.

Wild Adventures Theme Park
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Have Fun at the Wild Adventures Theme Park
Valdosta has its very own amusement park: the Wild Adventures Theme Park located south of town on Old Clyattville Road. The park has the full set of rides you’d expect, from gentle rides like the carousel and swings to thrill rides like roller coasters and swinging ships. They also have a water park, an arcade, go-karts, mini golf, and even a petting zoo with birds and giraffes. There’s enough at Wild Adventures to take up a whole day even if not everyone in your group is equally in love with roller coasters.

Valdosta Shopping
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Shop at Restored Treasures
Shopping can be a lot of fun, although it depends on where you do your shopping. That’s why a good place to visit in Valdosta is Restored Treasures, an upscale thrift store on the west side of town that gives old furniture and decorations a second chance. They even do their own restorations, so some of the things you’ll find are completely unique to the store. Everything in Restored Treasures is high quality, and on top of everything else the store donates all its proceeds to faith-based local charities.

Sample the Drinks at Horse Creek Winery
Horse Creek Winery is in Sparks, a town around half an hour’s drive north of town along I-75, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Horse Creek Winery has an interesting history since it started out as a fruit winery and didn’t start using grapes until several years later, but now you can find wines there that blend grapes with other fruits. Muscadine grapes are a favorite of theirs, but you can try all the different wines they offer yourself since their Sparks tasting room is open six days each week and their bistro is open Fridays and Saturdays.

Tour the Downtown Bars
What’s a ladies night out without a little pub crawling? Valdosta has its fair share of bars and taverns, and they cover all the bases with sports bars, upscale bars, wine bars, pubs, and more. However, you should make sure your tour of Valdosta bars either starts or ends (or both) with Ashley Street Station, which is easily the best dive bar in town. Both the drink selection and the bands that play are surprisingly good and easily worth the cover charge.

It might not be the first place anyone thinks of when they think of a vacation, but Valdosta has everything you need along with more than a few hotels with low prices, good locations near the main highway, and enough pampering to make you wonder whether you even need to see the rest of the city.

About our guest author: Sarah McWilliams
I’m a writer, flight attendant, wife, and new mom. Our family loves using our travel benefits to explore different cities even with our baby. I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica, and I love getting to experience different cultures, food, and adventures in new cities.




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