4 Greatest Road Trips of Canada

From the scenic wilderness, timeless towns, all the way to urban hotspots, this Northern queen of countries sure can keep a traveler occupied no matter the route you choose: there’s something for every taste! Canada is in its entirety a bucket-list destination, and there is no better way to get up-close and personal with its best and most memorable spots than to drive through its streets, meadows, and snow-laden nooks.

First-time visitors might benefit from an itinerary that includes as many of its most famous locations, while the versed Canada-lover can take a less-known road into the enchanting wild. If your only trouble is picking the right list of stops to take during your adventure, then read on to pinpoint exactly the dream-come-true schedule for your next road trip!

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Take the Viking trail

Whether you’re like me and you swoon over Ragnar, or you’re simply a history buff eager to follow in the footsteps of one of the mightiest people on Earth, this particular trail will win over your heart in no time. It’s approximately 490 kilometers of Viking legacy starting in western Newfoundland and ending in southern Labrador, and it feels as if you’ve stepped back in time (or rather drove there) to get a glimpse of their authentic culture.

The most notable quality of this particular route is the fact that it takes you to Gros Morne National Park of Canada and L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, both of which fall under UNESCO World Heritage protection. If you were not to take a single stop, then you could wrap up the trip in about five hours, but there are several noteworthy stops along the way you should schedule in your itinerary.

Don’t skip the two UNESCO sites, but also hop over to Red Bay to see the Basque Whalers’ 1540 village for added cultural variety, and take your pick from various museums and natural wonders you’ll pass by – there will be waterfalls, fjords, and dramatic cliff sides to say the least!

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British Columbia for foodies

Once known only for its splendid ski trails, Kelowna’s amazing culinary corners have become the best-kept secret of the region, one that all gourmets will immediately fall in love with. Consider it the comfort menu of Canada to satisfy all your cravings, and you can either hit the best spots in a day or spread out the palatable pleasure over a course of two or more days.

Wine lovers will appreciate the vintages at Summerhill Pyramid Winery on Okanagan Lake, where you can enjoy their organic sips made in bio-dynamic conditions – the best nature could possibly give. Another option is the Meadow Vista Honey Winery with an impeccable wine list as well as artisan wines on the menu. For those who cannot imagine their mornings without satisfying their sweet-tooth, Sandrine artisan pastry and chocolate treats are the epitome of heaven for your taste buds.

On a slightly cheesier note, dairy aficionados cannot miss the local favorite by the name of Carmelis also on Okanagan Lake, a family-owned business with both cheese and goat milk-infused gelato to savor. Brunch-fans shouldn’t miss out on the locally-sourced delicacies found at Bohemian Café, which can be whipped up into the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever tasted.

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The wonders of the Canadian Rockies

A route that compiles the best and the most famous of Canada spots, and that gets the newbies and the veteran travelers equally excited. This is by far one of the best Canada winter packages that is especially idyllic during winter, so expect to be mesmerized by its breathtaking natural wonders. Think: the famous Lake Louise, the quaint village of Banff, two mesmerizing canyons to explore, and other sights of the famous Rockies all in a single trip!

From day one, you will spend your time in the serene embrace of Alberta, in its most well-known village, where winters are particularly dreamy, so use the inspiration for a sleigh ride with horses. You’ll also get a chance to learn about the area’s history and see many of its famous landmarks, and the wildlife tour is a bucket-list worthy adventure for true nature lovers.

Exploring the Marble and the Johnston Canyons will help you discover why the Rockies are the perfect postcard image. From glistening, frozen waterfalls, to the enchanting sun-clad snow blanket on Lake Louise, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a perpetual Ice Age in all of its magical beauty!

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Nova Scotia’s celebrated adventure

Considered as the number-one Canadian road trip for many reasons, this 300-kilometer-long journey will take you around the northern coast of Cape Breton Island. Known by the name Cabot Trail, it’s typically a route that most travelers start or end in the town of Baddeck. Due to its incredible natural splendor and wonderful small fishing towns you’ll come across, this seemingly brief stretch of road can turn into several days of exploration.

Expect to see incredible Atlantic Ocean vistas, hidden waterfalls, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and you can enjoy a wonderful kayaking session on the North River. Most travelers find that the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is also the peak of the adventure, with the famous Ingonish Beach and many hiking trails to enjoy during your visit.

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To wrap up

As a vast, untamed country brimming with wonderful travel opportunities of all sorts, you can understand why it’s almost impossible to pick a single most prominent trip that everyone would appreciate.

In fact, so rich with culture, history lessons at every corner, wildlife, and abundant with intact nature, an entire lifetime for exploring Canada alone might not give you enough time to see and taste all of its beauty. So, prep your road-trip playlist and fill up your tank, because no matter which trail you pick, the wonders of Canada await!

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