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5 Beauty tricks for the on-the-go girl

If you get the chance to travel often, you should feel blessed. There are so many places that you can see and moments to remember. And breaking the usual routine is an excellent way to counteract boredom. And while it has a lot of benefits, we also can’t neglect the obvious downside.

Being constantly on the move can cause all sorts of troubles for your appearance, such as for cause oily skin. While you need to invest a bit more effort, it is possible to maintain youthful and radiant look regardless of your location. Here are some beauty tricks and tips that every girl on-the-go should know.

1. Take advantage of portable-sized beauty products

It is impractical to pack the entire containers of products that are a part of your skincare routine. Fortunately, the manufacturers realized that and most of them are offering compact versions of their formulas that do not weight more than 3.4 ounces (100ml). That way you have all the products from your routine whenever you need them. An anti-aging product that combats fine lines and wrinkles? Checked! Nighttime moisturizer? It is also there! And don’t forget your lash lifting kit! It’s a game-changer for those who want stunning lashes on the go. Everything is at your fingertips and you can make the most out of every treatment.

And even if your product doesn’t come in a travel version, why not consider purchasing a case specially designed for travel essentials. Most of the skin care solutions can be repacked into small boxes that are then packed in a joint travel case. Some of these cases are also suitable to be carried as hand luggage in planes, but make sure to check that with your flight company.

2. Moisturize and protect your skin

Of all the things you consider during a long-haul flight, your beauty routine probably isn’t one of them—but it should be. Being up in the air, even for a few hours, does a number on your skin. However, those long-haul flights clocking thousands of miles high in the sky guarantees your skin will be exposed to cold, dry air that’ll leave it dehydrated along with untold amounts of bacteria. You don’t want to step off the plane with dry or oily skin, lackluster hair, and dark circles under your eyes, right?

It is vital to pack an extra amount of your moisturizer and use it on as necessary basis. First of all, make sure to generously apply the hydrating formula before entering the plane. Now, we know that it may cause you to feel oily while flying, but trust us that it is the right move to avoid dry skin.

Another thing that you should consider doing is applying a product rich with nutrients and antioxidants that can protect your skin against UV rays. These rays are more dangerous than usual when you are on the move and they can increase the skin cancer risk for frequent travelers.

3. Stay free from Blemishes and bring medications

Don’t you just hate when your skin develops acne marks, dark spots, or blemishes? It usually happens in moments when you think you have everything under control, but then a dark spot jumps out of nowhere. Fortunately for you, there is a cool trick available to avoid dull complexion when you are on the road.

You probably heard about NSAIDs, the drugs that are used to counter inflammation occurring in various parts of our body. Well, the issues that you have with your skin will, in most cases, be caused by inflammation. It absolutely makes sense that you can use NSAIDs to prevent and reduce inflammation problems.

One of the most popular NSAIDs, partly because it is available over the counter, is aspirin. The entire premise is in allowing acetylsalicylic acid, the active component of this medicine, to inhibit synthesis of melanin. However, instead of drinking aspirin, you should consider creating a paste and applying it topically.

It is quite simple – go to a local drugstore and buy some aspirin. Once you get home, smash the tablets and mix them with water to create a paste. If you are dealing with an acne breakout, apply it to the affected areas. Alternatively, you may also apply it to potential troubled areas if you think you are prone to breakouts while traveling.

Other medications that you may want to take with you on your travels are travel sickness tablets, probiotics, or hangover tablets after a long night partying, having medication on hand to get you back to your normal self can be a huge blessing when away from home.

4. Tea bags can help you avoid dark circles

When moving around a lot, the chances are that you are switching time zones and that can have various effects on the human body. And even if you are staying in the same zone, the chances are that you will be sleep-deprived. However, the expert travelers have a neat trick for this situation – tea bags!

If your sleep has been compromised, the area around your eyes will be the first to explicitly show that. The dark circles significantly affect your overall appearance and you may not have the right product with you at all times.

In those situations, utilize used tea bags. Allow them to cool down in the fridge while you are in the hotel room. Once they are cold, apply them to your eyes and let them work their magic for 15 minutes. There is also a trick for puffy eyes and it comes in the form of cold spoons made of stainless steel.

5. Bring your hair products and keep your hair healthy on the road

There are women particularly sensitive to their hair, but let’s face it – nobody likes it when it looks like a mess. It is not easy to always keep it under control, especially on the move. Bring ‘travel sized’ hair products with you and keep your hair healthy on the road.

Final Note

The fact that you are on the move constantly doesn’t have to compromise your appearance. If you find the perfect anti-aging eye cream, mix it with other integral components of a skincare routine, you can have a radiant look like you haven’t just traveled for hours. We hope that these beauty tricks and tips helped and we believe that, as long as you utilize them, you will be perfectly ready for your next trip!

Written by author Daphne

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