Travel is a never-ending love story. You might have visited dozens of countries all over the world but there is always somewhere new to explore and something different to add to your bucket list. An astonishing £4 trillion is spent on travel and tourism every year and some of it will probably be spent by you. But where are the up-and-coming destinations for 2019? And where should you be jetting off to next? 

Here are a few destinations for you to consider. 

1. Scotland

Voted the most beautiful country in the world in 2017, Scotland continues to attract visitors from all over the globe. But, in 2019, there are plenty of new reasons to either go for the first time or go back for another visit. London’s world-famous Victoria & Albert Museum opened its very first outpost in late 2018 in the Scottish city of Dundee, showcasing the creativity that helped make its name in London. It’s a wonderful place to visit. The luxury resort of Gleneagles will host the 2019 Solheim Cup as teams of women golfers from the United States and Europe do battle over the famous Perthshire golf course. Another fantastic reason to visit Scotland in 2019 is the whiskey, of course. The new Macallan distillery has recently opened in Aberdeenshire and it’s a fantastic way to gain a better understanding of the process of whiskey making (and maybe sample a dram on the tour while you’re at it). And, finally, a fantastic new Storybook Trail has opened in Moat Brae (the Scottish town JM Barrie used as his inspiration for Neverland) showing off all the wonderful literary work of Scotland’s celebrated writers and poets. It also features a trail about JK Rowling, providing insights into her creation of the incredible Harry Potter series. 

Photo via Sorin Tudorut via Unsplash

2. Germany

The central European country may not be the most obvious destination for a holiday, but in 2019 it is certainly worth considering. All across Germany this year, there are birthday celebrations in honour of the influential Bauhaus movement with a series of events and exhibitions commemorating its beginnings exactly 100 years ago. Having begun in 1919, Bauhaus changed the way we thought about art and architecture. Germany is rightly proud of the movement and it’s a beam of light in a difficult time for the country as it reflects on 100 years since the early part of the 20th-century. 

3. Thailand 

With a new king on the throne and a royal wedding having been announced, Thailand is celebrating its beloved royal family once again in 2019. This incredible country has so much to offer, from its rich culture and heritage, to breathtaking golden palaces and arguably the best beaches and islands on earth. 

Photo by Mathew Schwartz via Unsplash

4. Zimbabwe

The African country is beginning to emerge from a difficult time in its history. So often in the headlines for the wrong reasons under Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is now seen as one of Africa’s safest holiday destinations. It’s easy to understand why the few travellers who did make it here always said such complimentary things about it. Not only does it boast some of the world’s best game reserves, Zimbabwe is also packed full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the world-famous Victoria Falls. 

5. Panama

Panama straddles the divide between North America and the South. And it is so much more than simply the world-famous canal in its name, which has recently been revamped and still ushers through some of the world’s biggest container ships as they travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic, or vice versa. The capital, Panama City, will mark the country’s 500-year birthday in 2019 with year-long celebrations that are so extravagant they make the Rio Carnival look tame by comparison. Once you’ve partied with the locals, head out to the incredible rainforests and stunning tropical beaches. Most of all, make sure you immerse yourself in Panama’s culture – which is as rich and vibrant as you will find anywhere in the world.

Photo by Angel Silva via Unsplash

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