5 hotspots in Lisbon, Portugal

Two weeks ago, I already told you something about my city trip to Lisbon and all of my favourite places which you have to visit when you are planning a trip to this city. However, I did not tell you yet about the restaurants, cafés and bars the city has to offer. During my trip to Lisbon, I went to several restaurants and cafés. In this article, I will give you five tips for hotspots in Lisbon.

1. The Hard rock café
Of course we all know the Hard rock cafés, which are situated in lots of countries all over the world. In Lisbon there is also a café: not really specialized on the Portuguese culture, but such a great place. Normally, I am not a fan of Hard rock music, but I do really love the atmosphere of the café. I have been here several times during my trip to Lisbon. In the first place for drinking some cocktails (which you definitely should try when paying a visit to the café), but secondly also one night to have dinner. The food is delicious, even though it can be a little bit too much. There is nothing wrong with too much, but you can take it into account when you are planning to have dinner over there. Furthermore, the staff is very friendly and hospitable, which I think is very important in a restaurant. I just loved this place and can totally recommend it. The café is located at the square Praça Restauradores. Tip: Take into account that it can be very crowded and sometimes you have to wait for a table. During my visits to the café, I experienced this once. It is not always full, but it is possible, so just take it into account.

Address: Avenida da Liberdade 2, Lisbon 1250-144

2. ZamBeZe Restaurante
This is a restaurant, located in the district Alfama (on the way to Castelo de São Jorge) with a breathtaking view over Lisbon. It is a very nice place to take some time to sit down. During my trip, I sat at the terrace, drank something and had lunch, but it is also possible to have dinner at this place.

Address: Calçada Marquês de Tancos, Lisbon 1100-340

3. Roman’s
This restaurant is located in the middle of Rua Augusta. When you walk through this street, you can find several terraces in the middle of the street. One of those terraces belongs to the restaurant Roman’s, where you can have a nice local dinner. Also, the staff of the restaurant is very kind and hospitable. I can recommend eating a fish dish, because these dishes are local dishes.

Address: Rua Augusta, 216-218, Lisbon 1100

Photo by Bex Walton, via Flickr

4. LX Factory
This is an industrial area with different kinds of cafés, bars, shops and creative companies. It is located close to the district Belém, which is a little bit out of the centre of Lisbon. Despite the fact that it is not close to the city centre, it is definitely worth the visit. This place has a nice and cosy atmosphere and you really get amongst the locals.

Address: Rua Rodigues Faria, 103, Lisbon 1300-501

Photo by Pierre, via Flickr

5. Lost In
You can find this restaurant in the district Bairro Alto. According to the decoration, the music and the menu, this restaurant has an Indian atmosphere. You can get lots of Indian snacks and it is nice to drink something while enjoying a beautiful view over Lisbon.

Address: Rua D.Pedro V No. 56, Lisbon 1200

Have you been to other great places in Lisbon? Let me know in the comments! I am curious to learn about some new great places.

Author: Tamara

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5 hotspots in Lisbon

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