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Maryland is a small state that covers the whole Chesapeake bay. Its border is shared by Virginia, West Virginia and District of the Columbia to its south and west. Pennsylvania to its North, and Delaware and Atlantic ocean to the east. Maryland is truly a city that treasures an abundance of natural beauty.

Maryland is located at the heart of Central America, and has witnessed the revolution, Civil War and war of 1812 with its own eyes. Maryland is a place that holds many treasures related to every era. Whether it may be the revolution, war, space age, or any other important era that America has ever seen.

Hence, Maryland became a great place of tourist attraction. You will see all kinds of historical monuments, bars, ports, and their culture. Not a single thing is worth missing out.

For a state, Maryland has many to offer for the travellers. From the long sea beaches to the densely populated hills, there are many things to do in Maryland. It has everything that can pump in adrenaline into your body.

Tourist attractions in Maryland

In Spite of being an average sized state, Maryland has many things to offer for the tourists. Here are some of the hand picked locations that need to be in your “places to visit” list.

The Walter art’s museum

If you’re fond of the arts all over the word and want to learn them at one place, then The Walter Art’s museum is the one destination you are looking for. The Walter Art’s museum located in the Baltimores mount cultural district, is a cultural trade mark that treasures and presents such comprehensive history of the world art.

This museum is the storehouse of all kinds of arts that the world has to offer. Starting from the third millennium B.c to the early 20th century. It has it all. Every artwork is beautifully displayed and is interpreted in detail. It has all kinds of antiques, ancient jewellery, enamels, etc.

Ocean city

Ocean city is among the most popular Atlantic beacher of more than 10 mile of coastline. What more, this beach is absolutely free. It is one the dream places where you can take a long evening walk with your dear ones under the setting sun. the feeling that you will get at this beach something you will not be able to experience in the whole world.

For me it was a one day trip to the ocean city, and believe me that one day comes in the list of the most memorable days in my life.

Antietam national battlefield

If you are an American or a history enthusiast, then you know very well how bloody the ancient American civil war was. The Union army, on september 17, 1862, met with the Rober E Lee’s confederation. That led to the loss of 23,000 soldier’s lives.

Today, the battlefield is still an open ground, treasuring the cannons and the machinery that was used on that day. A place so beautiful that you could never have imagined that it was once a blood soaked battlefield.

Chesapeake Bay

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The ancient Hooper strait lighthouse is the epicentre of the Chesapeake Bay. It is considered to be one of the oldest lighthouses still standing in the modern era. Historians believe that this lighthouse has been there since the late 1870s.

If you ever plan to visit Maryland Chesapeake Bay, you will be taken by surprise by the natural beauty. It will seem like that the Bay has frozen in time and has remained the same as it was in the early 1900s.

This bay is a natural resting ground of the migrating birds. That rests at the shore of the marshy land during the spring or fall seasons.

Blackwater national wildlife Refuge

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Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest wet areas with more than 26,000acres of land covered with ponds, marshy lands and wild forest. Wildlife refuge is just 12 mile south of the cambridge on Maryland’s Eastern shore.

The wildlife refuge is one of the favourite places for the migratory birds. During the seasonal month birdwatchers from all over the world visit Maryland’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge to see the majestic view of the resting migratory birds.

Delmarva peninsula Fox squirrel, a species which was just recently removed from the endangered list lives in the forest of the wildlife refuge. If you ever plan to visit Maryland, make sure that you visit this majestic place.

Final Thoughts

I have tried my best to point out the places that I have personally visited. For the time being I have only visited these places that i have mentioned in the list above. However, I am still not done yet, as I am sure of one thing that Maryland will list when I plan my next journey to Central America.

Author Bio: Evanka Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of dreamandtravel. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Content Rally.

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