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5 reasons why Arnhem is worth a visit

If you happen to be in the Netherlands this year and have enough time to visit the east of the country, definitely keep the city Arnhem in mind for a visit! In this article I will give you 5 reasons why you should visit this city during your time in the Netherlands.

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1. You can have a nice seat on the terraces near the Rhine
The Rhine quay, also named as ‘de Rijnkade’, is a favorite place for many during spring and summer. There are many cafes, restaurants and terraces at the Rhine quay which have a beautiful view over the Rhine. It’s a place where you can sit quietly, just outside the city center, and have a nice drink and snack. Of course the Korenmarkt and Jansplein, located in the city center, also are great places to spend an afternoon on the terrace.

2. There are many shopping possibilities
For spending a day shopping, you’re at the perfect place in Arnhem! Not only offers the city many international shops, you can also find here some boutiques and other unique stores. The most popular place to shop is, of course, the main street named Vijzelstraat. In other side streets you can even find more shops. If you are planning on going to Arnhem by train, you have to get off the train at Arnhem Central. From there it’s only a five minutes’ walk to get to the city center.

A more creative district in Arnhem, named ‘Modekwartier’, is located in Klarendal, a little outside the city center. Here are many designers based. In their shops you can find the newest fashion and design from the designer. In the Modekwartier, all designers tell their own stories. That what makes shopping in the Modekwartier makes it so personal and attractive.


3. You can take a long walk through Sonsbeek Park
On the other side of central station of Arnhem, you can find Sonsbeek Park. It’s the most well-known park of Arnhem and it’s very large. You can have a nice walk through the park and forest, but you can also chill and have a nice picknick at one of the many grass fields, close to the water. There are many things to see and do. Many open air concerts and cultural festivals are organized in this park.

4. The Korenmarkt is the best place for a night out
Planning to go a night out? Then you’re also at the right place in Arnhem. The Korenmarkt is the most well-known place for a night out. This square is surrounded by bars and cafes where you can have a nice drink and dance. Best days to go are Thursday and Saturday, then it will give the most people around there. All bars are lots of fun, you just have to see which fits best for you, while each bar plays other music. Mostly the evening starts around 11 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. in the morning.

By Vincent Teeuwen, via Flickr

5. The city features a zoo and outdoor museum which are worth a visit
Let’s first start off with the zoo. It’s called Burgers’ Zoo and offers many types of animals. The zoo is located just outside the city center of Arnhem. By clicking on this link you’ll get some more information about what animals you can find in the zoo. During summer time (from 26th of March until 28th of October), the zoo is daily opened from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Even on National Holidays the zoo is open! A ticket for an adult costs €21,-. A child from 4 until 9 years pays €19,- for a ticket and children from 0 until 3 years old can enter the park for free.

Another must-visit during your time in Arnhem, is ‘Het Openluchtmuseum’, an outdoor museum which shows you the Dutch history in authentic buildings, objects and true stories. There are many things to do and to see. The park is lots of fun for children ánd adults! By clicking on this link you’ll get some more information about the activities on the park. The outdoor museum is opened each day from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. A ticket for an adult costs €19,- (and when you book them online beforehand €17,50). A child from 4 until 12 years pays €16,- for a ticket (and when you book them online beforehand € 14,50) and children from 0 until 3 years old can enter the park for free.

And last, but not least.. the city is full of life! Through the whole year, festivities and events are held everywhere around the city. And it’s almost time for one of those events: Kingsday! Arnhem is a perfect city to celebrate Kingsday. There are several places in the city where there are festivities and everywhere you can find people wearing orange. Some festivities are for free and for some you need a ticket. A national day you cannot miss! Kingsday is celebrated the 27th of April.

Have you ever been to Arnhem before? What did you think about the city?

Author: Tamara

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  • Christina

    Only earlier today, I was talking to my husband about going to the Netherlands. This looks like a nice place to check out. I like outdoor museums.

  • wyldfamilytravel

    Wow i have never seen the red Hoegaarden beer before. What flavour is it? They certainly dont sell it here in Australia. We went to the Netherlands 10 years ago must be due to go again

  • globetrottinggingertravel

    I had never heard of this city so it was great to learn so much! You convinced me to visit!

  • Chantell

    There is so much more of The Netherlands that I would love the chance to visit! And Arnhem looks like a great place to spend some time. I would definitely like to relax with a drink while overlooking the Rhine. And I can be a bit of a party girl so Korenmarkt would be the place for me!

  • Cori Carl

    I love exploring less popular cities, but it’s only now that I’m learning to love sleepy little towns like this. My friends were horrified that I was moving to the “tiny” city of Toronto, with only 3 million people. Rotterdam seemed pretty sleepy, so I can only imagine what Arnhem is like!

    • Girlswanderlust

      Toronto? Tiny? Haha, wow! Yeah, Arnhem is even smaller than Rotterdam, but it’s still called a city. I guess you would love it! The East and West of the Netherlands differs in some ways, so it’s nice to explore more of the country than just Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the ‘big’ cities.

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