5 Things You Have to Do When Travelling to Toronto!

If you happen to be in Toronto very soon, you have to prepare yourself and make a small bucket list of things to do and see in the city. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and therefore, there is enough to explore! Also, the choice of accommodations in this Canadian city is large; there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a nice accommodation, take a look at the website of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) for many great Toronto hotel choices!

In this article, I will bring you to the city and show you some must-sees and must-do’s!

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Pay a Visit to the CN Tower

At the moment, Dubai’s “Burj Khalifa” is the highest detached building in the world; but there was a time when the CN Tower wore that name with its height of 553 meters. The city is well-known for the tower, and many people visit to get an amazing view of Toronto from the “SkyPod” at a height of 447 meters. The tower also features a level with a glass bottom where you can look straight down. It also features a restaurant and a café.

Photo via Flickr, by Travis Wise

Explore the Toronto Eaton Centre en PATH

This huge shopping area once started with PATH, an underground path of 28 kilometers that gave people the ability to walk under James Street and to walk towards Yonge and Queen streets while shopping. A few years later, PATH was combined with the Toronto Eaton Centre, and now, together they make the biggest underground shopping center in the world! Ideal for when you would like to go shopping in the city.

Photo via Flickr, by Dennis Jarvis

Wander Around the City Hall

The architecture of this building makes it special and beautiful. The City Hall of Toronto was opened in 1965 and if you would like, you can visit the inside as well. The building, with its two towers, has been built around the white, dish-shaped Council Room. The inside of the building is definitely worth a visit!

Photo via Flickr, by Ian Muttoo

Enjoy the Trendy ‘Distillery District’

The most beautiful thing about the Distillery District is that you won’t see cars anywhere, which make the district very peaceful. However, this district is also the most lively and trendy part of Toronto. You can find here many theaters, galleries, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy a day. Especially the beautiful-looking art pieces in this part of the city must be seen!

Via Flickr, by Andrzej Wrotek

Go to the Kensington Market for Some Culture

Kensington Market is also well-known as the most cultural district because many cultures come together in this place. If you would like to try different kinds of food, you are at the right place. Here, you can find all kinds of restaurants! On the last Sunday of the month, there are many events you can visit in the district.

The places you can find above are some of the best-visited places of Toronto. Like you can read, there is so much to do in the city. Don’t forget to put the Royal Ontario MuseumOntario Place, and Toronto Island on your list as well!

Author: Tamara

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