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5 Tips for Getting Around the UK

Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure or you live here and are wanting to see a little more, driving around the UK can be great. Seeing this country by car is one of the best decisions you could make. Here are some of the things you should know before you set off.

Put the Drivers on the Insurance

Everyone needs to be insured before they can get behind the wheel of a car. If you are road-tripping with friends, you need to make sure that everyone who is driving will be properly insured. Shop around for cheap car insurance that will cover everyone. By using a car insurance comparison tool, you can find a policy that will cover everyone without breaking the bank. Also make sure your car is in a good condition. Road trips are the best way to explore new places, view unfamiliar sceneries and ultimately enjoy yourself. If you are in a foreign country, the last thing you would happen to you is a car breakdown. Before outlining your itinerary, read our tips and tricks for a successful adventure. Your car is the power behind getting you from place to place, which means it needs to be in good condition.

Get Off the Motorways

While there are some fantastic sights to be spotted from the motorway (the M6 through the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales is particularly beautiful), most of the great British roads can be found by jumping off the motorways. Even by navigating just by A roads, you could have an amazing road trip with some beautiful sights and locations to visit.

Plan for Petrol

As soon as you head away from the major towns and cities, fuel can be a little more difficult to find. If you are going to head anywhere remote, or if you are tackling a big journey like the NC500, you need to make sure that you have enough petrol in the tank. With the North Coast 500 route offering plenty of culture, picturesque views, and stunning castles, it promises to give you an unforgettable journey. Topping up every time you have half a tank might seem excessive but it can also save you if you end up somewhere remote.

Photo by Liam Dible

Avoid Rush Hour

No matter where you go in the UK, you need to make sure that you avoid rush hour. The roads in major towns and cities can become horribly congested and can take hours to clear. If you are not a confident driver, or you want to avoid stressful situations like this, you should make sure you have somewhere to stop until rush hour is over.

Photo by Ryan Searle

Make Time to Stop

If you are not from the UK, you might be used to driving hours at a time without stopping. However, this style of driving could be very different to what you do in the UK. You need to make sure you spend adequate time stopping and stretching your legs. There are so many interesting sites and places to stay around the UK that there will always be something for you to do when you aren’t behind the wheel.

Photo by James Homans

Driving around the UK can be a lot of fun. No matter whether you are heading up to the Scottish Highlands, out to Cornwall or Wales, or you are simply touring the Home Counties, you are likely to have a lot of fun on the roads. Start planning your perfect trip around the UK now. Before you know it, you could be out on the road with your friends, ready to see everything this country has to offer!

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