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6 Incredible outdoor activities for everyone

Let’s walk out of the virtual reality world and dive into the real-life entertainment fostered by outdoor activities!

Millions of people are indulging themselves in “work, eat, sleep, repeat” life. What’s the point of leading such a boring life? If you have the excuse of low income and less free time, I have an answer to both the excuses. You can find fun in the simplest things of life; you just have to get out of your cocoon. Your metamorphosis cannot take place as long as you are within your shelter. And if you decide to do something, you can always make time for it.

How can outdoor activities help in your metamorphosis? Sounds insane, Right? Once you are active, healthy, mindful, alert, enthusiastic, communicative, and creative, you can ace in any field of your choice. That’s what outdoor activities do to your personality and life!

Here are 5 most incredible outdoor activities that can add fun to your life:

1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an adventure filled outdoor experience. If you have height phobia, it can help you overcome your fear as you will witness it from a very different angle during rock climbing. Learn the basics of rock climbing. You must have core strength, balancing skills, strong grip, and an alert mind. The challenges you face during rock climbing will help you gain strength to face real life challenges courageously.

Photo via Unsplash, by Jonathan Ouimet

2. Ice skating

You can do ice skating everywhere, but if you are lucky enough to have an ice-skating rink in your vicinity, get yourself enrolled in it. The ice skating experience can mesmerize your sense and hijack your brain. The elated feeling you will experience each day is incomparable.Once you have mastered the basics of it, you can add creativity to your moves.It is entirely an other-worldly experience to flow on frozen ice in such a smooth manner.

Photo via Unsplash, by Braden Barwich

3. Kayaking

Kayaking into thousands of lakes of America wouldn’t cost you much! Explore the unseen dimensions of coves, lakes, rivers,caverns, creeks, and so on by paddling through them. You can either enjoy the sunshine in the middle of the Colorado River on your kayak or paddle an inflatable kayak with a group of friends in turbulent waters of America. You can get time to reflect on your life under the sun or strengthen your bonds with your loved ones on this adventurous sport.

Photo via Unsplash, by Filip Mroz

4. Camping

If you are a nature lover and enjoy camping in the wild, you should go for it. Camping is a great way to have some quality family time together in the wilderness. The joy of sharing happy experience sand adventures is irreplaceable. Prepare well before setting off for a camping tour. You can find camping to-do lists online to help you pack all the necessities. The stay on a stranger’s land helps your build resistance, courage, and resilience.

Photo via Unsplash, by Daan Weijers

5. Hiking

Hiking is a full body workout as well as an adventure that you might have been missing out for a long time. When was the last time you went hiking? Pack up your necessary gear and go for hiking alone or with your close friends. Spend time on the mountain tops and see the beauty of Nature from the heights. You can even replace your workout session with a hiking adventure.

Photo via Unsplash, by Ted Bryan Yu

6. Surfboarding

If your apartment is nearby a beach, what can be more fun than surfboarding on the waves? The challenge of standing steadfastly against high waves and riding on them is great. The more you succeed in riding those waves, the more your adrenaline will get pumped up.Such thrilling experiences can reduce the release of stress hormones and increase the production of happy hormones.

Photo via Unsplash, by Lacie Slezak

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