8 Wonderful places to visit in and around the Eifel region

The Eifel region is quite big and diverse. The region features so many beautiful places which are worth a visit: from nature reserves to idyllic towns, there’s so much to find! In this article I’ll tell you more about 8 places (must do’s!) to visit when travelling to the Eifel region.

Eifel National Park

1. Eifel National Park

You cannot miss the Eifel National Park when travelling to the Eifel region, this absolutely is a mus visit! The national park was founded in 2004 and has a size of 110 square kilometers. The park has a rich amount of flora & fauna and a big range of hiking possibilities. At the Vogelsang IP you can visit the multi-layered, international culture and education centre.

Read more about the Eifel National Park and its possibilities on the official website.

2. Eltz Castle

Close to the town of Cochem, you can find the magnificent Eltz Castle. It’s such an impressive building surrounded by beautiful nature. From the parking place, it’s only around a 15-minute walk to the castle. Eltz Castle has a location where you can walk around nicely, but the castle itself definitely is the highlight!

You can also visit the interior of the castle (in Summer time). it’s opened daily from 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM. If you would like to have a guided tour through the castle, you need to pay an entrance fee: a ticket costs EUR 11,- per person. Best is to look on the official website for the actual times and costs.


3. Monschau – town in Eifel region

Monschau is a small and idyllic town, located in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia and nearby the Belgian border. The town is one of the must visits when traveling to the Eifel, as it offers narrow alleys, beautiful half-timbered houses and is surrounded by green hills. You can walk around the hills and have some amazing views over the town center, like in the photo above.

Would you like to read more about Monschau? Take a look at this guide I’ve written earlier. Take into account that the town can be quite touristy during Summer season.

Dreimühlen Wasserfall

4. Dreimühlen Wasserfall

The Dreimühlen Wasserfall is located at a driving distance of approximately 50 minutes from Hellenthal (near the Eifel National Park). Even on a rainy day (as we had during our trip), there were people walking around this nature reserve called Ahbachtal. It’s a beautiful environment where you can have a lovely walk. It’s nice to see the magnificent Dreimühlen Wasserfall from up close.

5. Cologne

Cologne, also named Köln in German, is a beautiful city located in the state North Rhine-Westphalia and just outside the Eifel region. The city is nice to visit in all seasons of the year. In Summer time, you can do a brewery tour with three “Kölsch” tastings, enjoy a walk along the Rhine river or you can wander around the city and take a drink or bite at one of the terraces. In Winter time, you can have an amazing time at the Christmas markets or you can pay a visit to the Chocolate Museum. There is so many to see and do in Cologne, you can easily spend a few days in and around the city.

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6. The Lakes of Daun (Dauner Maare)

Although we had the misfortune that is was raining heavily during our visit to the Lakes of Daun, I can definitely recommend a visit! These lakes are located in a stunning environment with many hiking possibilities in the nature reserves. Furthermore, there are great leisure opportunities. In some spots, you can swim in the lake, but there are also water sports possibilities, boat rental and fishing areas.

Photo of Alfred Koll via Pixabay

7. Monreal – town in Eifel region

The town of Monreal might be the little brother/sister of Monschau, as the town also has narrow alleys and beautiful half-timbered houses, but isn’t that touristy compared to Monschau. Monreal is located along the Elzbach River and in a narrow valley. The town also features castle ruins (Löwenburg and Philippsburg) which are located on top of the hill, just outside the town center. It’s a very idyllic small town.

8. The Oleftalsperre

The Oleftalsperre is a weir which was built between 1954 and 1959. The drainage-basin has a capacity of 20 million cubic meters of water and, for a part, it takes care of the drinking water in the region.

This beautiful place is located near the town of Hellenthal. You can make some amazing hikes in this area. During our trip in the Eifel region, we hiked a route which took us to the Oleftalsperre as well.

Have you been to the Eifel region? Do you have any other tips on places to visit? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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