A quick guide to Athens, the capital of Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is the perfect destination for a short city trip! Even if you only have a few days, you can see so much of the city. The historical aspect is perhaps the most beautiful characteristic of Athens. In this article, I’ll give you a quick guide on places you should see and visit while being in Athens.

The Acropolis

This probably is the most popular sight, as it’s the icon of Athens and Greece. Located on top of a hill, you can see the Acropolis from many places in the city. If you would like to go to the Acropolis, you also have to walk the hill so be prepared! The temples of the Acropolis are considered the most important monuments in Western civilisation an have influenced architecture more than anything else since.

The ancient city of the Acropolis includes the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylea. It’s definitely recommended to book your tickets for the entrance beforehand online; in this way you don’t have to wait in long lines. It can be really really busy, especially during the day. My advice would be to visit the Acropolis at the end of the afternoon to avoid the large crowds. A ticket costs around € 20,- per person.

In the area you can also find he Areopagus (the Rock of Ares), which is a nice place to observe the beautiful views over the city and the Lycabettus Hill.

The museum of Acropolis

Close to the Acropolis you can find the Acropolis Museum, which offers an exhibition of the archaeological findings of the city of Acropolis. Also for the Museum it’s important to know that it can be quite busy during the day. During my time in Athens, I wanted to visit the museum at the end of the morning, but there was a huge line in front. At the end of the afternoon, I tried again and at that time it was much more quiet. Definitely a recommendation to go later on the day. You pay around € 10,- per person for entrance.

Monastiraki (Flea Market)

Located at the East side of the center of Athens, you can find the Monastiraki Square. This is a lively square where you can also find a flea market. If you like shopping, this might be the place for you. In this street you can find a big amount of small shops which sell products like bags and clothing.


Located in the city center, you can find this historical neighbourhood. Besides all the (inter)national shops, you can also find here many nice restaurants and cafes. When travelling to Athens, you should definitely pay a visit to this lively neighbourhood.

Lycabettus Hill

If you would like to have a magnificent view over the city, you should definitely hike up to the peak of the Lycabettus Hill; which is 277 meters high. The route towards the top starts at the end of Aristippou Street. The best time to hike to the top, is during sunset. This time of the day gives the most beautiful views.

The Ancient Agora  and Roman Agora

These ancient Greek agora’s (marketplaces) are located nearby the Acropolis. The Roman Agora was built in the 1st Century BC during the reigns of Julius Ceasar and Ceasar Augustus with donations from the two emperors. The Gate of Athena Archegetis was the entrance to the market. You can find here many ruins which are left from the marketplace.

The Ancient Agora is also a place where you can find many ruins which are left from the marketplace. However, this marketplace was much bigger and covers a large, green area between Monastiraki and the Acropolis.

The National Garden

Right next to the Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament, you can find the National Garden which, together with the Zappeion Hall Garden, covers 24 hectares full of vegetations and birds. There are several entrances from where you can walk into the park. You can easily spend here a few hours walking and relaxing.

Do you have other sights which are worth a visit? Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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