A roundtrip through Suriname: the inland

A while ago, I already wrote a blogpost about the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo. During my roundtrip to this beautiful country, I also discovered the inland. In this blogpost I will tell you more about all the districts and places to visit in the inland of Suriname.

The district Commewijne is located directly next to Paramaribo. During our roundtrip, we visited three places in this district:

1. Frederiksdorp
Frederiksdorp is an old coffee plantation which is now used for tourism. It is the ideal place for everyone who loves tranquillity and walking. The old, colonial house, where the plantation owner used to live and the former houses of the police officers, that are renovated, are nowadays used as tourist accommodations. During our trip through Suriname, we stayed at this accommodation. Click here for the official site of Frederiksdorp.

2. Peperpot
Peperpot is, just like Frederiksdorp, a former coffee plantation. The plantation is easily to reach from Paramaribo and you still can find some slave houses, the colonial house and an old factory and pilot. In the last few years, many renovations have been completed on these buildings. The best way to explore the plantation is by bike, because the area is very big and by bike you can take your time and stop at every place.

3. Matapica
Matapica is located at the coast of Suriname. This nature reserve is well known for its sea turtles. During the period of January till August, the sea turtles come to this place to lay their eggs. When you would like to spot the sea turtles, you should go to Matapica by night; this is the time when the turtles lay their eggs. When you are quiet and careful, you will not scare off the turtles and you can see them digging a nest and lay their eggs at the coast. This is very impressive and a must do.

Furthermore, during our way to Matapica (we went by boat to the coast), we could spot some caimans in the water!

The district Para is located directly beneath Paramaribo. During our roundtrip, we visited two places in this district:

1. Jodensavanne
The Jodensavanne is a former residence of Sephardic Jews in Suriname. In the time they came to Suriname from Spain, they started with sugar cane plantations. Nowadays, nobody lives there anymore. The area is appointed as a national monument since 2009 and is being protected by the law. Furthermore, Jodensavanne is part of the UNESCO world heritage list since 1999.

2. Overbridge
During our time in Para, we stayed at Overbridge River Resort. This resort is directly located next to the Suriname River and features palm trees and more, what makes it a real paradise. If you are looking for tranquillity and a relaxing time, you should really stay at this resort. Click here for the official website of Overbridge River Resort.

The district Brokopondo is located directly beneath Para. During our roundtrip, we visited four places in this district:

Canopy tour.png
1. Berg en Dal – Canopy Tour
Berg en Dal is a place that is located in the middle of the jungle and that is already a reason why Berg en Dal is a perfect place for doing a canopy tour. This activity is organised by the Berg en Dal Resort. For me personally, it was really scary, because I am afraid of heights and you had to go through the jungle and over the Suriname River at approximately ten meters (I am not sure anymore) high! So really scary, but absolutely worth it. It was one of my best experiences in my life so far. Sometimes you just have to do the things you are afraid of. A nice little extra: the view over the jungle is breath taking. Click here for the official website of Berg en Dal Resort and its information for the canopy tour.

2. Afobakadam
When we were on our way from Berg en Dal to Ston Island, we stopped at the Afobakadam. This is a weir in the Suriname River. Because of this weir, the Brokopondo reservoir arised. The view from the Afobakadam is very beautiful.

Ston Island.png
3. Ston Island
Ston Island is a peninsula right new to the Brokopondo lake. We stayed here for two nights and made some great boat trips over the Brokopondo lake.

4. Brownsberg
During our time at Ston Island, we also visited Brownsberg, which is located very close to the peninsula. This nature reserve has a lot of hiking possibilities. During the hike, you can find all kinds of flora and fauna. Brownsberg is covered with tropical rainforest and you can find several waterfalls during your hike. When you go to the top, you can have a beautiful view over the Brokopondo lake (see the picture above). This nature reserve is definitely worth the visit.

The district Sipaliwini is the biggest district of Suriname and is located in the south of the country. During our roundtrip, we visited two places in this district:

1. Danpaati River Lodge
This place is hard to reach by car, because there are no roads to it. When we went here, we had to take the boat to reach this place. This took a little longer, but also was very exciting and adventurous. The accommodation is located at an island in the middle of the jungle. During our trip in Suriname, we stayed at this accommodation for two nights. It is not really a touristic place, but the people from the resort were so friendly! We had a warm welcome and everything was great. This is also a place where you can find tranquillity and ultimate relaxation. Click here for the official website of the accommodation.

2. Maroon village Dan
On the opposite of Danpaati River Lodge, you can find the Maroon village Dan. In this village, the people live way different than in Paramaribo. The people in Dan are Maroons, who are descendants of the escaped slaves. They also have their own language. It is very impressive to pay a visit to this little town, because than you experience another way of living in Suriname.

Author: Tamara

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A roundtrip through Suriname- the inland

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