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Christmas shopping in Trier, Metz and Luxembourg

As a preparation for the Holidays, I love to spend some time on Christmas markets. The atmosphere, the Christmas decoration, the food… I love everything about it! And how great is it when you can spend a weekend on the Christmas markets, in three different countries?

If you’re thinking about last-minute Christmas shopping (or maybe as inspiration for next year) and you’re around, a great combination of nearby cities are Trier (Germany), Metz (France) and Luxembourg City. Those three cities aren’t far from each other and offer some great Christmas markets and more activities around Christmas time. In this article I’ll tell you some more about my experience during my weekend of Christmas shopping.


Of course Germany is one of the most popular country to go to when it comes to Christmas markets. In my opinion that’s justly, because Germany has the biggest and most beautiful Christmas markets from Europe. I’ve been to several cities in Germany before around Christmas time, but never in Trier. I have to say, this city positively surprised me as well.

The Christmas Market in Trier runs from the 23rd of November until the 22nd of December of 2018. There are two places where you can enjoy the Christmas markets, namely at the Main Market of the city and just in front of the Cathedral. There is something for everyone: Christmas decorations, candy, food, hot drinks, candles and more. On some days, you can also enjoy shows or there is something organized for the children.

Next to the Christmas markets, there are also some Christmas shops located in the city centre where you can buy some Christmas decoration. If you’d like to mix your visit to Trier and the Christmas markets with some sightseeing. The city has much to offer, looking at culture and history, because it’s the oldest city of Germany. You can already see this when looking at the beautiful, historical architecture the buildings have in the city centre. There are several sights to visit, like the Palace of Trier, the Basilica of Constantine and the Roman Amphitheatre. Walking along the Moselle River also is a must.


Looking at the three cities, Metz is thé Shop Walhalla. I’ve to be honest with you: I’ve walked around the Christmas markets of Metz, but did much more shopping in the (inter)national shops looking for the perfect Christmas outfit. Also, there are many nice restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy lunch or a drink.

There are several places in the city where you can find a Christmas market. Across from the majestic Saint-Etienne Cathedral, you can find a Christmas market at Place d’Armes with a big Ferris wheel. At the top, you can have a nice view over the city. It’s best to take a ride during the night time, because at that time you can see all the beautiful lights. At Place de Chambre, close to the Metz Cathedral, you can find a Christmas markets which is a must for foodies. There is food everywhere! Sweets, cheese, chestnuts, there is something for everyone. I’ve tried a lot of food and really enjoyed it. Besides the markets, there are also many events and shows organized.

Luxembourg City

The third city is Luxembourg city. A great last destination. Comparing the city to Metz, it’s smaller and the Christmas markets are more compact. However, the atmosphere is very nice and the city has lots to offer. You can find the Christmas markets at several squares: Place d’Armes, Constitution Square and Place Guillaume II. From the 22nd of November until the 6th of January 2019 you can find an ice rink. The Christmas markets end at the 24th of December 2018.

If you would like to do some sightseeing when visiting the city, Luxembourg also has much to offer. There are some beautiful viewpoints from the environment of Casemates du Bock and Chemin de la Corniche (also called the most beautiful balcony of Europe). The Pfaffenthal Lift takes you all the way up to enjoy a panoramic view over Luxembourg city. You can also visit lower town, named Grund. This is one of the most beautiful and authentic districts of Luxembourg. It has a cultural and architectural heritage. Other must-visits are the Cathedral of Luxembourg and the Palace Grand-Ducal.

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Where to stay

A simple, but good hotel which is located very centrally between the three cities, is Ibis Esch Belval Hotel***. It’s located in Luxembourg, at the border of France and offers nice rooms. If you don’t need much and you’re mostly outside the hotel (like us), this hotel is a great choice. It offers breakfast in the morning and is located next to a shopping mall and some restaurants. Plenty of shops to visit as well when you’d like to stay around the accommodation. Staying a night at this hotel costs around € 100,- without breakfast. You can book this hotel through, for example,

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