Things To Do Alone in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung is among the largest cities in Taiwan that has been transformed from an industrial city to a metropolis city. The city boosts its cultural diversity and is a great place to spend a few days visiting Taiwan. Although Kaohsiung may seem like a less popular tourist destination, many travelers do not want to miss this exciting city during their trip to Taiwan. Traveling alone in Kaohsiung is easy and fun. It has cool metro stations, dazzling outdoor art installations, and night markets are scattered around the city.

What are the best things to do alone in Kaohsiung and why is it worth visiting? This guide gives you all the information you need for traveling alone to Kaohsiung. It answers all your questions like how to get around, where to eat, and what places you should visit alone in Kaohsiung.

Why is Kaohsiung Great to travel alone?

Are you wondering whether Kaohsiung an excellent place to visit alone? Then you are in the right place. Kaohsiung is a very safe city for both locals and foreigners. It has minimal street crime, low crime rate in the whole country.

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How to get to Kaohsiung

Traveling to Kaohsiung is easy and fast as it has a sound transport system. The city has one of the best airlines, Cathay Pacific, offering both domestic and international flights. You can fly directly from other countries to Kaohsiung International Airport.

The city has a well-established metro-system that makes your trip around the city easy and efficient. The fare naturally depends on where you are going.

How do you get around Kaohsiung?

There are many ways you can explore this beautiful city. Using Metro, aka KRTC, is the best way to get around Kaohsiung. The metro stations are safe and clean, so worry not.

Another way is to use a taxi. The taxis are available at the airports and city center. The price of the taxi depends on where you are going.

There are also bicycle systems that operate around the city. The Bicycle lanes operate in different places of the town, and since Kaohsiung has low traffic, then hiring a bicycle will be a safe way to explore the city attractions.

Some of the places are accessible by foot, e.g., Go Guang Shan Temple and some parks.

Photo by Andy Wang

Where to eat in Kaohsiung

The best thing about Kaohsiung is its thriving food scene. There are different types of Taiwanese food that you should try during your vacation to Kaohsiung. This city has very delicious dishes that will leave your mouth salivating.

Dining in Kaohsiung is a rich and varied experience, as there are many types of restaurants to choose from, especially in the lively Tsoying area. Of course you can also find plenty of food stands at the night markets. If you are a food lover, then Kaohsiung will not disappoint you. Some of our favorite places:

  • Din Tai Fung (dumplings)
  • Gang Yuan Beef Noodle Restaurant (noodles)
  • Xing Long Ju (serve all kinds of traditional Taiwanese breakfast items, open 4-11am)

This is just a sample of the many places to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Kaohsiung. If you love desserts, make sure to order Dou hua, a typical traditional Taiwanese dessert. The video below gives you an insight in the street food of Taiwan. Hmmmm looks yummy!

Places to visit alone in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has many natural and manmade attractions and things to do. Here is a summary of the most popular things to do alone in Kaohsiung:

Fo Guang Shan Monastery

This Chinese Buddhist in Taiwan is an excellent place to visit alone while in Kaohsiung. To get here, you need to take an express bus from Kaohsiung Zuoying Station to Buddha Memorial Hall Station. It is a two-hour drive. When you get here, you will find many Buddhist pagodas flanking on the sides of the corridor pathway all the way to the giant Buddha statue. There is a museum that stores the Sakyamuni Buddha tooth relics. Make sure you spend your time here.

Kenting National Park 

Kenting National Park is a significant park in Taiwan that has recently caught the attention of many travelers. It is an excellent place where visitors can view the stunning landscape of southern Taiwan.

To reach here, you can board an express bus at Kaohsiung Zuoying Station. The trip to Kenting National Park takes two hours with an express bus. The best time to come here is in the afternoon hours. When planning a trip to Kaohsiung Taiwan, then remember to add Kenting National Park to your list. It is an excellent place to visit alone.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

This museum sits on a 4-story building house. It is home to 2700 pieces of Taiwanese fine arts and more than 18 galleries. When you visit this place you will be attracted by the building itself. It’s quite impressive and beautiful. Once you get into the museum, you will see many greeneries and public sculptures that will make your time here memorable. 

Shopping in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has several modern shopping malls where almost anything is available. One of the best and famous shopping places is the President Mall, located on Jingshan Road. It is also close to New Juejiang Mall, while Yuansu Yuchu Mall is renowned for its excellent shopping experience.

Cycling in Kaohsiung

You can also easily rent a bicycle and go cycling in the city. Customized cycling trails along the coast lead to places of interest, such as lighthouses, while cycling is also a great way to explore the suburbs.

Cruise on the Love River

Although it was once neglected, the Love River has been cleared in recent years and is now an excellent place to travel by sea. You can relax and unwind, as many of the city’s famous places pass slowly.

The Love River is also a very peaceful and nice place to cool down at night time. You can find lots of beautiful sights of the city along the Love River. Right along the river you can also find a great restaurant that serves local dishes. Make sure to try ‘tong zi mi gao’, a small dish with steamed rice and meat.

Photo by Andy Wang

Kaohsiung has many amazing attractions sites with things to do in. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, this vibrant city in Taiwan has something for anyone. What are you waiting for? Plan a great holiday to Taiwan and have a fabulous experience!

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