The changing face of Asia throughout the year

Asia boasts some of the most magical scenery on Earth – with shades of every colour transforming the region into something new with every passing season. In a continent which is famed for its contrasting cultures, the true can be said of the ever-changing landscape.

Different times of the year bring with them alternating atmospheres. Today, let’s explore how Asia changes across the course of a regular 12-month cycle.


Just as with the western world, spring serves as the transitional period between the stark winter months and the sweltering heat of summer for Asia. It’s not uncommon for people to begin dining outside at restaurants during this time, while walking tours also become the norm.

This is as perfect a time as any to visit China in particular. Owing to the high levels of industrial action carried out in most major cities, pollution tends to get trapped in the atmosphere during summer – making it slightly less hospitable for all involved. In spring, you’ll experience favourable conditions without the risk of pollutants.


The sticky summer months aren’t for everyone, but there’s certainly value to be found in a trip to the East during this time frame. Japan is a popular tourist spot during this period, with many choosing to make the most of the coast during these hotter months – owing to the calming sea breeze.

There are also a number of festivals hosted in the Land of the Rising Sun during this period, including the Nebuta Festival – which is said to attract as many as three million visitors when it’s hosted. This rather interesting festival has its origins in folklore, which says a general named Tamuramaro from the 9th century frightened his enemies with the use of gigantic lanterns. Replicas are carried through the streets during the celebrations.

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In the cooling-down post-summer period, travellers would be wise to check out the nation of Vietnam. It’s harvest time here, with the fields exhibiting a brilliant blend of green and yellow. You probably won’t be allowed to get directly involved with the harvest process itself, but you’ll definitely spend your time wisely watching.

For a true immersion in Vietnamese culture, you can always get involved in a walking tour of Sapa. It’s said to take four to five days to reach, but the trek is well worth it when you do eventually reach your final destination. Get to grips with a genuine local village, who still provide for themselves.

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There’s perhaps no better place to visit in winter than South Korea. The Deogyusan National Park is beautiful all year round, but the white snow of the colder months makes it like something out of a fairy-tale. Just a three-hour drive from Seoul, adventurers can take to the slopes before relaxing in any of a number of nearby hotels.


When you next make the journey to Asia, remember to bear these seasonal factors in mind. Plot your trip around the conditions which best suit you, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.

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