Hi everyone! My name is Tamara and I’m one of the co-founders and authors of Girlswanderlust. I’ve always dreamed about combining my passion of traveling with my passion for writing and photographing and this dream became real when Daphne and I started our travelblog Girlswanderlust in September 2015.

My passion for traveling started when I loved learning new languages on high school and decided to go study the bachelor Tourism Management in the Netherlands. The love for traveling became bigger and bigger during the studies. After graduation in 2016, I wanted to start a job in the tourism industry. After having worked at a restaurant for more than three years, I got a job as a travel consultant at a travel agency. I definitely love the work I did, but after two years of work at the travel agency it’s now time for something new in the tourism industry which give me more “adventure”. I’m still looking for this new adventure and meanwhile I spend my time working on Girlswanderlust.

During the years, I’ve had the chance and luck to travel to several destinations all around the world. Besides the fact that I’ve lived in France for five months for an internship, I’ve visited more destinations within Europa, like Norway, Sicily, Portugal, Hungary and Malta. But also outside Europe I’ve seen several destinations like Japan, Israel, Suriname and Mexico. Each time when I come back from a trip, I immediately want to go for another trip! Isn’t that what they call ‘travel addicted’? Oh well…

Check the world map of Girlswanderlust to see all the countries I have visited.

In the future I hope to get the chance to see much more of this beautiful world. Speaking of that, I’ve made up a bucket list for myself. Would you like to get some inspiration? Take a look by clicking here!

In my opinion, you always learn from travelling and you always get richer. Not in money, but in experiences. And that’s the most beautiful thing about the whole travel part. You’re not only learning about yourself, but also about the world, the people and much more.

And then I want to share one of my favorite travel quotes with you: “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”