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Bags to store your shoes while traveling

I always like it to separate things in my backpack; clean or used clothes, underwear, socks, electronics, and other stuff. You can either separate it in plastic bags, but also in handy stuff sacks that are for example available to buy on Bagail.com.

Today on our blog, we are introducing Bagail.com, which is a fast-growing company for outdoor and travel products. It provides a wide variety of (travel) bags in various sizes and designs. To prepare ourselves for our next trip, we ordered a set of 4 lightweight waterproof nylon storage travelling shoe bags and a set of 5 mesh laundry bags that also can be used to separate things.

Set of 4 lightweight waterproof nylon storage travelling (shoe) bags via @girlswanderlust
The four lightweight waterproof bags are very nice to organize your luggage. The bags are made from high quality nylon and are waterproof, stain resistant, and breathable. The bags have a large capacity. They can easily hold two pairs of sandals or one pair of hiking boots. On the photo, you can see my hiking boots in one of the shoe bags.

Example shoe bag. Set of 4 lightweight waterproof nylon storage travelling (shoe) bags via @girlswanderlust

The bags have a quick grab handle and a middle zipper that makes it even more convenient for organization. Moreover, the bags can not only be used to store shoes, but also to store other things like clothes, electronics, or other gadgets. I think these lightweight waterproof bags are definitely worth the money. You can order them in two different sizes and four different colors.

Another product from Bagail.com that I bought was a set of five mesh laundry bags. These bags came in three different sizes (1 jumbo, 2 extra-large and 2 medium). You can use them obviously to do your laundry, but also to organize your travel luggage. I am very happy with this purchase. While using the bags for laundry, they are big enough for bulky clothes and yet small enough for socks or underwear. They dry very quickly after use, and the zipper don’t unzip during washing. I also use these bags while travelling. The bags are useful to organize my clothes, and once upon time to use them for washing. Overall, these bags are multi-functional and have a good quality.

Five mesh laundry bags, Bagail
Bagail.com offers a wide range of products to make your travelling much more fun and easier. You can explore the complete collection of travel bags on their website.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but contains my own personal and honest experience.

Author: Daphne

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