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The beauty products you need for long-haul flights

Of all the things you consider during a long-haul flight, your beauty routine probably isn’t one of them—but it should be. Being up in the air, even for a few hours, does a number on your skin. However, those long-haul flights clocking thousands of miles high in the sky guarantees your skin will be exposed to cold, dry air that’ll leave it dehydrated along with untold amounts of bacteria. You don’t want to step off the plane with dry or oily skin, lacklustre hair, and dark circles under your eyes, right? The minute you book your next ticket, add these must-have beauty products to your packing checklist—but make sure they go in your carry-on, not your suitcase!

All-in-one travel set

Travel sets are heaven-sent for frequent travelers. Look for a great kit that includes everything you need for basic grooming, both on the plane and in your hotel room. You might not have the opportunity to shampoo and condition your hair while you’re in the air, and it’s unlikely that you’ll have the chance to take a bubble bath, either. Save those for your destination. During your flight, however, you can pop out the body lotion and the perfume oil. Use the former to moisturize your hands and arms on the plane. Just before you land, refresh yourself with sweet-smelling perfume.

Virgin Marula oil

Because of the altitude, it’s imperative that you keep your face hydrated. This is especially true for those with delicate skin, which dries out easily, leaving your face with a dull, rough appearance once you land. You don’t want to greet your destination like that! Fortunately, Virgin Marula Oil is ideal for any type of skin. Apply a thin layer on your face periodically to keep your skin feeling soft and supple. This oil is particularly useful for airplane travel, as it is a multi-purpose product – it helps moisturize your cuticles, and tames hair frizz as well. Combing a bit of it through your hair will moisturize hair follicles, and leave your locks with a subtle sheen.

Facial sheet mask

You have to spend hours on the plane. What are you going to do with yourself? After you’ve gone through the meals and last year’s blockbusters on a seat back TV screen, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pull out the beauty treatments. Maybe you can’t apply a wet mask, but who needs that? You have sheet masks! Flying at 35,000 feet in the air is the perfect opportunity to apply a sheet mask. After all, they only take twenty minutes or so. There are so many different types of masks to choose from, such as hydro gel and skin smoothing masks, so pick one that suits your skin type and you will step off the plane with a healthy, hydrated glow.

Sleep mask

Sleeping is a sure-fire way to make long-haul flights pass quickly. Don’t be bothered by the cabin lights or the screens flickering on either side of you. With a plush, padded sleep mask, you don’t even have to make eye contact with your neighbors. Just worry about getting plenty of beauty sleep.

Take care of your mind and body during flights that go on for hours. Boredom isn’t your only concern. Spend your time pampering yourself. Remember to drink plenty of water and try to avoid overindulging in salty snacks too!

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