Best beaches for vacations in 2023

We all love the beach. A serene place where we can enjoy the sun, read a travel book, listen to a podcast, swim in the ocean or have a picnic. There are many details to consider while picking the beach where you’ll unwind, especially if you’re traveling with kids. The comfort and security of the beach are crucial. That’s why I’m here to discuss some of the best beaches in the world that you might want to visit in 2023.

Marina Beach (Dubai)

Marina Beach is located in the eponymous luxury district of Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates. The Marina has a well-developed infrastructure and is “inscribed” into the adjacent residential area with skyscrapers. The Walk JBR embankment is beautiful and pleasant for walking (especially in the evenings!). There are many cafes and restaurants, a supermarket, pharmacies and comfortable Dubai outdoor furniture around the beach. On the beach, there are free locker facilities; but other facilities are fee-based. The sea’s entrance is quite flat and devoid of any abrupt approaches. You could ride a camel along the seashore for a charge. On the water, there are inflatable attractions for kids. Small shells and stones can be seen among the smooth, pristine, and white sand on the beach.

Photo by Ramy Hankash on Unsplash

Nearby the beach is Skydive Dubai located, an extreme sports center where parachutists jump and gyrocopters fly every 20-30 minutes. The coastline is long, about 2.5 kilometers. More fun activities at Marina Beach can be found in the overview below:

Lanikai Beach, Oahu (Hawaii)

Oahu in Hawaii rose to fame because Jurassic Park was filmed there. You may admire the scenery of these otherworldly landscapes while traveling from the airport to Lanikai Beach. Due to the emerald-pink ocean and snow-white thick sand, the beach has been named one of the most stunning on the planet numerous times. The end of spring and the summer are the greatest times to unwind here. You can read a travel book, watch a travel movie, listen to a travel podcast, or simply unwind while lying on the sand in the sun. Alternatively, you can hire a kayak at Kailua, a nearby town, and paddle around Lanikai Beach. There are plenty of exciting activities you can experience in the waters of Hawaii.

Playa Santa Maria (Cuba)

Along the island’s northern coast, Playa Santa Maria Beach in Cuba spans more than 10 kilometers. While there are hotel-owned areas of the beach, anyone can visit to swim and sunbathe. La Estrella, a resort town (2.5 km from the beach), where you can find stores, spas, restaurants, and cafes with discos and parties, is where much of the local entertainment is centered.

couple in beach holding coconut
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Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Visitors come to the Riviera Maya beaches for its nearly flawlessly smooth white sand, the turquoise Caribbean seas, and the lush tropical foliage that surrounds them. It is a part of the world where it is always sunny and the beach season lasts for 365 days.

The unquestionable benefit of vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is the accessibility to several historical and natural landmarks. When you are weary of the exotic seashore, you may visit places like Chichen Itza, an old Mayan city that is home to the well-known Kukulkan pyramid, or the abandoned Koba hamlet in the jungle.

Navagio, Zakynthos (Greece)

Because of its white rocky cliffs and the purest sea that shifts from aquamarine to emerald, Navagio Beach is known as a Greek pearl. At the close of the XXth century, a pirate ship was dumped on the beach, giving it both its name and international fame. The ship’s carcass was left in place; as a result, hundreds of tourists are drawn to it every day by the wreckage of the ship, which stands out sharply against the surrounding natural splendor. From the viewing platform, the bay is shown in all its beauty.

We hope that some of these beaches has aided in your decision-making so that you can have a wonderful beach holiday.

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