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Unique overnight in The Netherlands: Buitengoed de Panoven

it’s no surprise that visitors flock to Amsterdam year after year, but what does surprise me, is that visitors often skip the most beautiful part of the Netherlands; the other Holland. The other Holland consists of some amazing places like Arnhem, Nijmegen, the Veluwe, Achterhoek or Rivierenland, and also provide unique experiences. It is basically the entire pink part of the map below.

The other holland. A unique experience at the well-maintained industrial heritage site Buitengoed de Panoven. Sunrise. by @girlswanderlust #girlswanderlust #panoven #buitengoed #netherla

The Arnhem and Nijmegen area is definitely worth a visit. It is associated with history, culture, and nature. It is the place where I grew up. Here you can also find Zevenaar, a charming city with many cafés, shops, museums and historic buildings. One of those historical sites that you should check out, is Buitengoed de Panoven.

What is Buitengoed de Panoven?

Buitengoed de Panoven is a well-maintained industrial heritage site. The former brick and rooftile factory (dating back to 1850 I believe), is now a recreational area with group accommodation, hotel rooms, a restaurant, and a place where you can enjoy all kind of activities.

My trip to Buitengoed de Panoven

After a beautiful train ride, where I crossed different Dutch landscapes, I arrived at train station Zevenaar. I have the feeling that I arrived at a different part of the Netherlands, away from the tourist over-floated city centers of the West, and now in the real countryside. After a few minutes walking, I see a kiln in the distance, and know I am heading in the right direction. And there it is… the former brick factory and now an industrial heritage. It truly looks amazing and I can’t wait to explore the inside, but first I need to find the reception and check-in for my stay.

Overnight in a Nature Lodge Room at Buitengoed de Panoven

After a warm welcome by the current owners, the Kruitwagen family, I get accompanied to my room; a sustainable Nature Lodge Room. They explain me that the room is made from Styrofoam, and has the shape of the kiln (8 corners and a kiln on top). The Styrofoam construction makes it a very sustainable concept. Interesting! I love environmental friendly accommodations! The room itself is comfortably equipped with twin beds, a mini-bar, desk, chairs and a modern bathroom.

The other holland. A unique experience at the well-maintained industrial heritage site Buitengoed de Panoven by @girlswanderlust #girlswanderlust #buitengoed #netherlands #nederland #tra
The other holland. A unique experience at the well-maintained industrial heritage site Buitengoed de Panoven by @girlswanderlust #girlswanderlust #buitengoed #netherlands #nederland #tra

The Kruitwagen family told me about the different activities they offer, ranging from guided tours, to a beaver walking route, or archery workshop. I would love to know more about this amazing part of the Netherlands and decide to sign in for a guided tour. A friendly old guy tells the story from raw clay to bricks and in the end, we bake a brick ourselves. It is funny and not so easy as it looks like, but after a while I manage to create something that looks like a brick. After writing my name and the date on top of it, the stone is ready and can dry. When it is dry, I can even bring it home with me. Great memory! After the guided tour, I decided to walk the beaver route myself. It took about an hour and during the way I found several beaver trails and droppings.

In the evening, I decide to try a three-course day menu in the restaurant of Buitengoed de Panoven. The restaurant is known for the use of local products and unique flavors. It was delicious!

Cycling a ‘Rondje Liemers’

The next day, after breakfast, I decide to explore the local surrounding! With my rental bike and bicycle routes that I got from the reception, I am going to explore de Liemers (this is how the region is called). I will bike the ‘Rondje Liemers’, a route of 50 kilometers, that will take me to several interesting spots like nature parks, lakes, culinary places, and other historical buildings. It truly is a beautiful area!

On the way, I stopped for lunch at ‘Gasterij de Kommensaal’, which I can definitely recommend! At the end of the route, I cross the city center of Zevenaar and decide to have some dinner at a Latin-American restaurant ‘De Revolutie’. This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and delicious food too! By then end of my day, I was so glad that I included this bicycle route in my travel itinerary.

The next morning, I check out and continue my way to work. It was a great weekend trip!

The other holland. A unique experience at the well-maintained industrial heritage site Buitengoed de Panoven by @girlswanderlust #girlswanderlust #buitengoed #netherlands #nederland #travel #panoven #wanderlust #kiln #heritage.jpg

Buitengoed de Panoven is definitely a nice place to enjoy some cultural history, beautiful nature, and taste local products. This post is not sponsored and contains my own and honest opinion. Don’t forget to put it in your Netherlands itinerary!

Author: Daphne

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A unique experience at the well-maintained industrial heritage site_ ‘Buitengoed de Panoven’.png


  • Cat

    Thank you for highlighting a less explored side of Netherland! Liemers seems like a place you can really connect with the history, culture, and the locals. The tour you took sounds fun. I would love to check out the beaver walking route!

  • Turtle

    It’s really interesting to hear about your experience here. I’ve done a bit of travel in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and I’ve found that there’s heaps to discover. The country may not have the dramatic landscapes that some other parts of Europe do but there is so much history! This kind of industrial heritage is a fascinating way to learn more!

    • Girlswanderlust

      True, our landscapes are not so spectacular, but I have to say that flat landscapes are also quite unique haha! At Buitengoed de Panoven you can definitely experience some interesting history and overnight in unique accommodations!

  • Candy & Crystal

    I would love to take part in the archery workshop. I’ve never heard of one and it sounds like so much fun. This is the first time I’ve read a post about “The other Holland”. I love it!

  • Cat

    I have been to Holland a few times and have made it out of Amsterdam but not to this place. It looks right up my street in such a beautiful setting, I’m adding it to my wish list! 🙂

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