I love to photograph, especially during my travels and when I’m in the nature. In the past few years, I always borrowed my dad’s photo camera when I went on a trip; he had a Nikon. This year, I finally decided to buy a photo camera for myself to. It costs something, but now I’ve a camera for my own with which I can make some beautiful pictures. I already brought my Nikon D5300 with me during my trip to Israel, Poland and Mexico and I’m totally in love with it! In this article you can read more about the Nikon D5300.

The appearance

Let’s first start with the appearance. During my search for an own camera, I definitely wanted a small and compact camera which I could easily take with me during my trips. The Nikon D5300 is very small comparing to other models of the Nikon series. The size is 12,5×9,8×7,6 centimetres with a weight of 530 grams.

In front of the camera, you can find the place where you can put a lens. You can either buy yourself a Nikon lens or another one. Since I thought the Nikon lens was a little too expensive at that time, I decided to buy myself a Tamron lens with an excellent zoom in function. The Tamron lens was much cheaper and also works fine. Of course there are many kinds of lenses and in my opinion you should definitely chose one with the functions which fits your needs. I love the fact that mine has a good zoom in function.

At the top of the camera, you can find several buttons. The one with the silver button is where you can put your camera on or off and is also the button for making a picture and sharpen the image before making one. The round button on the bottom you can switch for the sort photo you would like to make. Normally, I use the green Auto image or the one without a flash, but like you can see, there are also functions for making a photo of, for example, landscape or portraits. Next to the round button, you can find a switch with Lv on it. With this switch, you can see what you’re photographing also on the screen which is attached. Furthermore, with this switch you can also film. At the top of the camera you can also find the sign of WiFi and GPS.

At the back of the camera, you can also find some buttons. At the menu button you can change your settings. With the play button, you can look at the pictures you have made. By means of the arrows around the OK button, you can switch to another photo. With the buttons below you can zoom in on a picture or zoom out; and of course there is a possibility to delete a photo with the garbage can button. At the back of the camera, you can also find a fold-out 3,2 inch screen which you put in every way like you can see below in the pictures. This is very useful while filming our when you want to make a photo (or film) of yourself.


The Nikon D5300 can make photos in resolutions of 6000×4000, 4496×3000 or 2992×2000 and with formats of raw, jpeg and mov. Like I said before, you can also film with the Nikon D5300, which makes the camera very versatile. The video resolution is 1920x1080p. Furthermore, the camera has a Wifi function, which enables you to easily send pictures from the photo camera straight to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. When I was in Israel, I already tried this function. You only need to download an app on your device which makes the connection between your device and the camera. With the app, you can get all the photos on your device and download the ones you would like to have on your device. It works very easily!

There is also an GPS function, which enables you to see where the photo has been made when you are not sure about it anymore. There is also a possibility to make a time lapse or the make photos with a special filter over it.

My rating

Below, you can find some important subjects for a camera and these subjects are rated by me with a number from 1 until 5. 1 means very bad and 5 means very good.

Photo quality5
Film quality3,5

Like you can see in the schedule above, I’m really happy with the Nikon D5300. The camera make some high quality photos and the size (and weight) are perfect for me: the camera is not that big and very light-weighted, which makes it a camera to easily bring with you on trips. There are many possibilities on the camera, like filters, time-lapse, video, Wi-Fi and GPS. In my opinion, the price-quality ratio is fine and the screen can move many ways, which also makes a perfect. Although I haven’t try the film mode a lot yet, I think this works fine as well. It has the same image quality like photos, only with zooming in it doesn’t work optimal in my opinion.

Here are some of the photos I’ve made so far with the Nikon D5300:

I bought this camera (including a lens and micro sd) for the price of € 740,-. It both had a reasonable price, many possibilities and has the size I wanted (light-weighted), that’s why I made the choice to buy the Nikon D5300.

If you feel like anything is missing in this review, please let me know. I’m still a beginner with photographing and don’t know all the functions yet very well, but I’m definitely eager to learn!

Are you still looking for a good camera? Think about the Nikon D5300! Do you still have any questions? Do not hesitate asking them in the comment section below.

Author: Tamara

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  1. I purchased mine this summer and I love it. I’ll eventually upgrade to a mirrorless, but this camera proves you don’t need high end to take beautiful pictures or videos. The interface takes time to get used to (or it did for me as I’ve spent a lot of college time using cannons) but once you get it down it’s easy to move on. This camera is a good price with a great image processor so you can spend more money on lenses.

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