Consider a career as a travel consultant

Many of us are dreaming of the day we can get on a plane again. With travel taking a back seat in the last year, we’ve had to put the holiday plans on hold. However, with the vaccination program rolling out and the suggestion of vaccination passports being added to the mix to get the travel industry moving again, there is a growing hope that 2021 will look very different for holiday makers.

As we look to the future of international tourism, now could be the perfect time to pursue a career in travel. If you’ve always wanted to help people book their dream getaways, here’s a look at why now is the perfect time to consider a career as a travel consultant.

The travel market has evolved

As with many other job roles that were based in an office, travel agents have set up at home to sell holidays in the last 12 months. Therefore, while the doors to the high street stores remain closed for now, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to nab a consultancy role and start speaking to customers about their travel plans.

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Travel is popular – and easy

Despite the events of the last year, people will always want to explore the continents. Getting to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world has never been easier, either. Hopping on a plane is possible in even the most remote locations, as travel links have evolved in the last 100 years.   

As well as easier transport, there are other ways that the holiday industry is more accessible now. There are dedicated companies that offer everything from parasailing sessions in Spain to precision-built Jordan escorted tours, making the full experience memorable.

There are travel opportunities 

This is a huge draw for many travel agents. If you long to see the world, becoming a travel consultant will give you the chance to hop on a plane and explore the holidays that you’re selling. After all, you’ll need to know what you’re talking about. 

While using brochures and websites to research destinations that you’re hoping to send holiday makers to can be a great jumping-off point, there’s nothing like experiencing these places for yourself to really help you sell the trip.

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There are (travel) career opportunities

While you may want to be a travel consultant forever, there are other opportunities available to you once you’ve joined the industry. Working with tour guides and travel reps in other countries might tempt you to try their role for yourself, or you might decide to move abroad and use your industry knowledge to set up your own travel company. There really are so many ways to spread your wings once you join the travel career industry. 

So, will you take the plunge and become a travel agent? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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