10 Useful tips for chasing waterfalls

Are you obsessed with waterfalls too? The past years, I have been fortunate to hike countless trails to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. I just like it a lot to walk through lush jungle, clamber over rocks, and swim at the food of waterfalls. In this guide, I will be sharing 10 useful tips for chasing waterfalls.

#1 Never chase a waterfall alone

Even though it is fun to travel and explore alone, I won’t recommend chasing waterfalls alone. It is best to have someone with you in case of emergencies. There is always a chance you will slip, hurt yourself, or even get lost. Also when you chase waterfalls together, you have somebody who can keep your camera dry and can make photos!

#2 Consider dry- and wet season

Very important is to consider the dry- and wet seasons when it comes to chasing waterfalls. Summertime and/or dry season is great for hiking, but most waterfalls will look small and boring. When hiking in wintertime and/or wet season, most waterfalls will have great drops of water. However, some waterfalls might be dangerous to visit, while they are surrounded by lots of water. Therefore, consider well in what season you can best chase the waterfall of your dreams!

#3 Get in chasing waterfalls shape

Chasing waterfalls can be quite tough. Make sure to get some training before going on a hike. Being conditioned will make it much easier to walk up hills and clamber over rocks.

#4 Chase waterfalls in the early morning or late afternoon

Starting your waterfall hunt early is basically the best tip I can give. You don’t only avoid crowds, but the earlier you go, the easier the hike will be. In the early morning, the sun will not be too strong yet and walking paths may be easier to walk on. When you don’t have time to go in the early morning, visit the waterfall in the late afternoon instead. Most people leave around the afternoon, and so is this a perfect time to visit. When chasing waterfalls in the late afternoon, be aware that the sun might go down. Always bring a flashlight and something warm to wear.

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#5 Bring appropriate footwear

Wearing appropriate footwear is also necessary while chasing waterfalls! Even though the weather is warm, make sure to wear some strong and closed hiking shoes. You don’t want to lose one of your shoes while crossing a river stream, right?! Also make sure your shoes have a good profile, so you don’t slip. It is also handy to bring an extra dry pair of shoes and some flip-flops if you need to cross heavy river streams.

#6 Don’t go chasing without breakfast

When you leave in the early morning for waterfall chasing, make sure to eat a high-fiber breakfast, like oatmeal or so. It will help to keep you fuller longer and provide you with energy during the hike.

#7 Always bring water with you

Hydration is pretty much the answer to a successful waterfall chase. Always bring more water than you think you will need, refill bottles along the way with fresh water streams, and take your hiking breaks in places with shadows.

#8 Prepare you waterfall chase

Get some prior knowledge about the hike and waterfall chase. When you read online reviews about the waterfall hike or ask locals about tips, you can prepare better. Also remember that nature can look differently on (photo-shopped) pictures, and that the waterfall might disappoint you in real life. Do a little research about the waterfall and clearly, don’t let photo-shopped photos fool you.

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#9 Always remember your waterfall goal

Chasing waterfalls might not always be easy! Some hikes can really be tough and a big struggle. Always think about the magical waterfall that is waiting for you to be explored!

#10 Don’t forget your towel and mosquito repellent

While chasing waterfalls it is very useful to bring a microfiber towel. This towel is made of light material that dries fast. Also remember to bring some mosquito repellent!

Banyumala Waterfall by @nyoman.rasma_bali
© Banyumala Waterfall by @nyoman.rasma_bali

Do you have any other useful tips for chasing waterfalls? Let me know about them in the comment!

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