City trip Budapest, Hungary: part 1

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is an upcoming city for tourists. More and more people are going to Budapest for a vacation or a city trip. Especially younger people are coming to the city. That is what I noticed, when I went to Budapest for a city trip last week. The city is hot and happening. I stayed for four days and enjoyed this beautiful city to the fullest. This week I will give you a short look at the first two days. In another article, which I will write later, I will tell more about the other two days. Enjoy!

The first day we flew from Amsterdam to Budapest and arrived around 3 p.m. in the city. These days, we stayed at the Mercure hotel which is located in the middle of the city center, so ideal! When you stepped outside the hotel, you were standing in the Vaci Street where you can find all the shops (on the Pest side of the city). We decided to walk around the neighbourhood a little bit and just explore the places which where nearby the hotel.

That is how we ended up in the Raday street. My father already went a few times to Budapest, so he already knew this street very well and he was very enthusiastic about the little eateries in this street. We were a bit hungry, so decided to take place on one of the many terraces and ate something. I went for a typical Hungarian dish, namely Hortobágyi palacsinta. These are little pancakes filled with paprika chicken. It was so delicious! I really loved it and it is definitely a recommendation when you want to try something typical Hungarian.

The rest of the first day was very calm. In the evening we decided to drink something at Café de Paris at the end of the Vaci street. We took a coffee and a cocktail. We were still so full of the pancakes which we ate a little late in the afternoon, so we did not really eat much that evening. The square at the end of the Vaci street is very cosy with some shops and eateries. Café de Paris was very nice to sit at, but honestly, a little bit more expensive than other cafés. However, we had a nice evening.

The next morning we got up early. We had a great breakfast at the hotel, where after we decided to walk to the other side of the bridge, namely the Boeda side of the city. At this side, there were some beautiful hills and we walked towards the Buda castle, which was not that far. The Buda castle was very nice and definitely worth a visit. You can go very high on the castle where you can have a panoramic view over the city.

After visiting the Buda castle, we walked back to the Gèllert hill which we walked upwards (a little intense, but it was okay. If you do not like hiking, you can also take a bus to the top of the hill). On the top of the hill there also was a panoramic view over the city and the beautiful Liberty statue. Furthermore, there were some stands where you could buy something to eat and souvenirs. Eventually, we went via the main road downwards.

After these visits we were very hungry, so we decided to go to the Raday street again to eat something. This time, I did not take something typical Hungarian: I ate a pasta Carbonara, yummie. For the day after, we would like to buy some tickets for the bus, so we could go a little bit further into the city. In the end, we bought some tickets which were available for two days, so the rest of our stay.

After we bought the tickets, we decided to go a little with the bus towards the Hero Square and the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath. We could not step out of the bus when we got there, because this was the last ride for the bus, so we stayed in the bus and just looked around.


And then it was dinner time. At recommendation of several persons, we decided to go to restaurant Gerbeaud at the end of the Vaci street, at the same square as Café de Paris. We had a really nice dinner and the food was delicious, so we definitely did not regret going there. Definitely a recommendation!

After dinner, we made a little walk, drank some coffee and then we went to bed. This was the end of the second day. Next time you will hear about my experiences of the last two days.

Author: Tamara

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