A City guide to Bergen, Norway

As the second largest city of Norway, Bergen is a well-known and popular city to visit during the time people travel through Norway. Although Bergen is one of the largest cities of Norway, it doesn’t look like it, because it has a small-town charm and atmosphere. Especially the location of Bergen makes it a beautiful city to visit: right between the mountains and fjords and right at the sea side.

Bergen has something for everyone. There are museums and cultural events, but also hiking possibilities and many places to shop or dine. In this article I will tell you some more about the places to visit in Bergen.

Bryggen “The Hanseatic Wharf”
The typical image of Bergen, which you can find anywhere, is Bryggen. This old Hanseatic Wharf first established in the 14th Century. It has been, and still is, a place of both cultural and economic significance for centuries. After a fire in 1702, Bryggen was rebuilt and from then on, the picturesque wooden structures have become recognized as a vital part of Bergen’s cultural heritage. Nowadays, you can find here some souvenir shops and some restaurants.

The Fish Market
Traditional sea industries are and have always been extremely important to the Norwegian exonomy and cultural life throughout centuries. Bergen is a big part of this sea industry and therefor it’s the go-to place for fish and seafood. In the middle of the city center, at the port, you can find the fish market where you can enjoy some delicious fish dishes.

Fløibanen and Fløyen
One of the places you shouldn’t miss while traveling to Bergen, is Fløyen. Bergen is located between seven mountains and one of those mountains which is very easy to reach, is Fløyen. With a gondola, named the Fløibanen, you go upwards into the nature. The ride will take only 10 minutes and isn’t that expensive. Once you arrive at the top, you can enjoy some spectacular views over Bergen and the water. There is a large area of woods, so Fløyen is also a great place for hiking and other sports.

However, families can enjoy there time as well at Fløyen. There is a nice playground for the children and there are also some eateries to have some drinks or to eat something. Furthermore, there are some goats who are walking around the area, but gives a fun atmosphere.

I think Fløyen was my favorite place which I’ve visit during my time in Bergen.

If you have an interest for the sea world in the North Sea, you are at the right address at the Aquarium of Bergen. Be fascinated by live demonstrations, daily shows, screenings and events in a place that has formed an important part of the local cultural identity for over 50 years.

A little southwards from Bergen, you can find the Troldhaugen Villa, which was home of Norway’s most famous composer: Edvard Grieg and his wife. The villa was built in 1885 and nowadays it’s a museum, aiming to document Grieg’s life through exhibitions in the villa itself, as well as in his Composer’s Hut where he created some of his greatest works.

Bergen Park
When you walk through the city center of Bergen, you come across a big park with a small lake. An ideal place to spend an afternoon with good weather by having a picknick or just chill in the grass. The location of the park is just beautiful, where you can look around and see the mountains everywhere!

Shopping possibilities
Bergen also is the perfect place to have an afternoon shopping. Many international shops are located in the city, same as some national and lesser known shops. Meanwhile you can have a drink or lunch on one of the many terraces and shop directly after again.

How to get in Bergen
There are so many ways to get to Bergen. If you are traveling through Norway by car (rental or your own), it’s easily to reach. Furthermore, traveling by train is also a perfect idea while there are many trajects which come across Bergen.

However, it’s also possible to go by boat. There are several ferry lines who go to Bergen. If you are coming from the Sognefjord, there is a perfect ferry connection with the Norled Ferry “Express Boat”. These are little boats where you can only travel as a foot passenger. If you come from, for example, Stavanger; you can travel with the Fjord Line. This is a line which goes from Bergen to Stavanger and then to Hirtshals and back again. Looking at the distances between these places, it’s definitely a bigger ferry boat where you can spend the night and where you can take your car with you.

Have you ever been to Bergen and do you have any more tips? There are so many more beautiful places to visit; please let me know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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  • Candy

    I would love to revisit Bergen. Norway has so many beautiful places to visit. I was in Bergen for a couple of hours about 9 years ago on a cold and gloomy day. Your photos show how bright and beautiful this charming city is!

  • Sally E

    I actually didn’t know much about Bergen before this post but it looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m a huuuuuge fan of city parks (probably cause there isn’t really a nice one where I live) so I’m pretty sure my first stop would be Bergen Park – I love that you can see the mountains too!

  • Deeptha

    I have visited Norway but not Bergen. It looks like a lovely city to explore on foot. I had also read somewhere that it is on the World Heritage Site list. So, definitely worth a visit.

  • Lisa

    I’ve actually not been to Bergen yet, or Norway, but it looks so pretty! I’d like to take a ride on that gondola, especially as it’s not too expensive! Sounds very rare in Norway!

  • Jean

    Bergen looks like such a beautiful city to visit. When I get to visit I’ll be sure to spend quite a bit of time in Floyen! It looks like a great place to relax in

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