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In the South side of Norway, you can find a lot of cities. Earlier I already told you some more about the well-known cities Oslo and Bergen. In this article I would like to tell some more about the smaller, but also beautiful, cities Stavanger and Kristiansand, which are located even more Southwards in Norway. During my train trip through the South of Norway, I visited these two places.


Stavanger is the absolute base for going to and hiking the Preikestolen, which we of course also did. Want to know more about the Preikestolen? I’ve wrote about it in this article.

However, Stavanger is more than just the Preikestolen. There are many places to visit during your stay in the city. All these sights are easily reached by foot, since the city center of Stavanger is quite compact:

Via Flickr, by Guillaume Baviere

Old Town Stavanger
The Old Town, also known as Gamle Stavanger, is Europe’s best preserved wooden house settlement where you can wander around the small streets and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the houses. This historic area features 170 white wooden houses and some galleries & museums.

Street art
Everywhere you wander around Stavanger, you can find some beautiful street art; something what I love to explore throughout cities! Thanks to the annual street art festival Nuart, Stavanger created some places with street art. This festival takes place each August/September, where an international team of street artists comes to Stavanger for two weeks to make some beautiful artwork outside on walls, donated by the city’s population.

Via Flickr, by Stevan Nicholas

Øvre Holmegate
Located in the city center of Stavanger, this street is the most colourful street of the city. Because it’s so colourful, it also gives a really nice atmosphere. In this street, you can find all kinds of cafes and restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal or drink.

The park including the Cathedral
A place which is also located in the middle of the city center of Stavanger, is Breiavatnet, a lake with a park where you can wander around and where you can enjoy the ducks and swans. Around the park, you can find several restaurants, hotels and the train station. You can also find the cathedral (Domkirken) right next to the park. This cathedral is built by Reginal of Worcester and dates back to the 12th Century. Hoewever, in the 19th Century the cathedral was fully renovated.

Stavanger city center

The harbour
At the harbour of Stavanger, where you can also take the ferry boat towards Tau, you can find various lively bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice afternoon or evening.

If you’re a museum lover, you are definitely at the right place in Stavanger. Although Norway is full of museums, you can find some good ones in Stavanger as well. Go and explore the Stavanger Art Museum! Or if you are more into Vikings, go to the Museum of Archaeology. There is something for everyone.


Kristiansand may be more unknown for people. It’s a city which is very popular for the local people to go on holiday to because the summers in the city are warm and long, but it’s not that well-known yet for the international tourists. However, Kristiansand is a nice city to spend some time. Here are some places you have to see:

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park
Although this recreation park isn’t in the city center of Kristiansand, it’s definitely worth a visit. Only 11 kilometers east from Kristiansand you can find the park, which is enjoyable for all ages.

It’s nice to see how the animals have large open spaces to roam; there are more than 140 animals living in the park. Besides a zoo, you can also find here a bathing area, pirate shows and a small town based on a well-known Norwegian children story.

Via Flickr, by Stig Berge

Bystranda Beach
Like I told before, the summers of Kristiansand are long and warm, what makes it a perfect destination for beach lovers! One of the most popular beaches in the city is Bystranda Beach, which you can find in the southeastern part of Kristiansand. Perfect for a relaxing day! During summers there are also concerts and sporting events held on the beach.

Ravnedalen Valley
The Ravnedalen Valley Nature Park is a peaceful piece of Kristiansand, located just outside the city center. The park was constructed between 1874 and 1878 and is used for a nice walk or to have a relaxing afternoon during a picknick or just chilling on the grass. Also in this place there are concerts and other festives held, especially during the summer time.

Kvadraturen is thé shopping area of Kristiansand, where you can find more than 300 shops and over 100 bars, restaurants or cafes. It’s a nice place to spend the day, if you’re into shopping.

Of course you can find some great shopping possibilities in the city center of Kristiansand as well.

Do you have any other tips for these two cities? I would love to know them! Please let me know in the comment section below.

Author: Tamara

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City guide Stavanger and Kristiansand

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