15 Sights you have to visit in Copenhagen

With a fresh summer breeze and together with around fifty other tourists, I was enjoying a boat canal cruise to see some of the most important tourist attractions of Copenhagen. I felt like a real tourist, rather than a traveler, but for once I liked it. My first impression of the Danish capital was just astonishing. I loved the architecture, the diversity in green spots and buildings, the organized traffic and most of all the relaxed way of living. During my seven days stay, I explored the city by bicycle. It is the fastest, cheapest and most flexible way to explore Copenhagen. In this post, I will describe fifteen highlights of this amazingly beautiful city.

Nyhavn Harbor
Nyhavn was once a disgraceful part of the city, but nowadays it is the most known part of the city, which is featured in countless images of the city. The beautiful and brightly painted gabled houses, are definitely a visit and picture worth. From this harbor you can also take one of the many tourist boat canal cruises. A ticket for a boat cruise is around € 5,50.

The Little Mermaid
The little mermaid is one of the things you have to see when you are in Copenhagen. You cannot leave the town without seeing it. The bronze sculpture is based on a theme of Hans Christian Andersen and is nowadays visited by more than 1 million visitors a year.

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Christiania is a controversial area, owned by the residents. It can be described as a hippy settlement with an alternative society where people live by their own rules. Cars are banned and cannabis trade is common. In the ‘Green Light District’ you can find most of the hash trade. It is a very interesting and kind of weird place to visit. Even though you know that the drugs trade is illegal, you can find it all over in Christiania. The Danish police concentrates the hash trade in Christiania in order to limit the distribution in society.

Amalienborg Castle
This castle, better known as palace, is the sister palace of Rosenborg Palace. Amalienborg features four palaces facing onto a square. When a member of the royal family is staying in Amalienborg, a flag will be raised on top of the palace. Amalienborg is guarded day and night by Royal Life Guards. At noon you can witness the change of the guards. When the Queen is in residence the guard is accompanied by the Royal Guards music band.

Rådhuspladsen (Townhall)
The townhall and its square is definitely worth a visit. The Townhall is built between 1892 and 1905 and the inside is interesting to see. The architecture is nice and the building itself contains many sculptures and paintings. On the square you can almost always find some artists or musicians.

Rosenborg Slot
This castle was originally built as a pleasure palace and became a museum in 1838. In the basement you can find the Danish crown jewels and royal regalia. The palace has a beautiful garden with some art. It is a perfect place to do some sports or to enjoy the sun. On opposite of the Rosenborg Slot you can find the botanical gardens. The entrance for the gardens is free.

Church of Our Saviour (Golden church)
This beautiful church has a staircase that can be climbed to the top. The staircase starts inside the building and guides you from the Carillion to the top. The staircase outside is in the form of a spire and contains golden colors. From above, you will have an amazing view over Copenhagen.

Frederiksberg Castle
This castle is originally built as a palace. The palace overlooks a beautiful and huge garden, containing some pounds, waterfalls and art. It is located next to Copenhagen Zoo and definitely worth a visit.

Christiansborg Palace
This palace is also a government building. The palace has a beautiful architecture and you can climb its tower for free.

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park
Personally, I do not like to spend my time in new cities in theme parks, but if you have time left, I can recommend to visit Tivoli. The park has more than 20 attractions including a rollercoaster, roundabouts, open-air theaters and more.

Rundetårn (The Round Tower)
This tower was built in 1642 and is 36 meters high. From the top you will have a magnificent panoramic view over the city.

Close to the little mermaid, you can find Kastellet. It is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe and a pleasure to walk through it. Close to this fortress, you can find a beautiful church and some nice green spots for having a picknick.


Nationalmuseet (National Museum)
This is the national museum of Denmark and interesting for anybody who is interested in history and culture. The museum used to be free, but since July 2016 visitors above 18 years pay € 10,00 entrance fee.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
This an art museum in Copenhagen. Personally, I am not an art lover, but if you are, you might want to visit it. You can visit this museum for free on Tuesdays.

Strøget Shopping Mile
This is the bussiest shopping and touristic street of Copenhagen. Here you can find the tourist shops but also well known shops like H&M, Zara or Prada.

Have you visited Copenhagen or are you planning to visit this beautiful capital? Let me know in the comment section.

Author: Daphne

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