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Cruising to Finland within 22 hours

As I walked by many harbors in Stockholm and was fascinated by the amazingly looking cruise ships, I  decided to make a cruise during my stay. After collecting some information via the locals, a 22 hours trip to Finland was the most attracting to me.

I decided to cruise with one of the Viking Line cruise ships. The Viking Line is the market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the Northern Baltic Sea and operates in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. One of the amazing seven cruise ships, “the Viking Line Cinderella”, goes from Stockholm (Sweden) to Mariehamn (Finland).  Together with the 2559 other passengers, I sail away from the harbor and left the busy city behind.


As soon as I got my key to my inside standard cabin, I dropped my backpack in my tiny room and rushed to the rooftop, where the sun was shining while we sailed away. The view was astonishing and provided a good overview of the amazing sights on the archipelagos of Stockholm. Together with a glass of white wine, good company and a life music performer on the background, I fully enjoyed my time on the rooftop.

At dinner time, I headed to the Viking buffet (230 Skr) and treated myself very well during the two hours all you can eat and drink. The buffet contained traditional Scandinavian dishes like herring, salmon, reindeer, cheese and caviar. It was all very tasteful. After dinner I headed back to the rooftop to watch one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen. It was very beautiful! During the rest of the evening I enjoyed some drinks at one of the many bars and tried some dancing in one of the discotheques.

In the early morning the ship arrived at Mariehamn. We got the opportunity to visit the city for about 30 minutes. It is the capital of the Aland Islands and is part of Finland. The city was once the home of the world’s largest oceanic sailing ships fleet and offers many great restaurants, cafes, shops, beaches, sights and beautiful nature. After visiting the capital, I enjoyed an extensive breakfast buffet for just 150 Skr. Moreover, I participated in a music quiz and enjoyed the fresh salty smell of the sea at the rooftop bar for the rest of the day. The combination of the salty smell, warm sun and fresh wind made the rooftop bar the perfect location for a lazy afternoon until we arrived back in Stockholm.

This was my first cruising experience and I totally loved it. Sometimes you forget that you are on the ship until you watch outside and see the surrounding moving. It was great. Do you have any cruising experience and did you liked it? Let me know in the comment section.

Author: Daphne

Fact overview of the Viking Line Cinderella ship:
Built: 1989
Passengers: 2 560
Beds: 2 500
Type of cabins: 12
Restaurants/bars: 4
Discotheque: 1
Spa: 1
Shopping: 1 tax free shop

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  • Sartenada

    We love cruises, even on some of our beautiful lakes. Admiring midsummer night on a cruise is something different from sea cruise. Finland offers much more than its capital Helsinki. In winter, Finland is Winter Wonderland. Can You imagine, that in Finland You could participate in a reindeer race? It is possible in the town called Oulu only once a year and this race is unique in the whole world.

    Reindeer race.

    Keep on travelling and making cool posts.

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