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Exciting day trips to take in the Netherlands during Spring

Spring has arrived! It’s definitely my most favorite season of the year: good weather, all flowers and trees are flourishing, people are more outside and happier, life looks just better with the sun shining! Do you happen to be in the Netherlands during Spring? Think about these day trips to take when you’d like to make the most out of your trip!

Visit the Keukenhof

Visiting the Keukenhof is one of the most popular day trips during Spring time in the Netherlands. During this time of the year, the Keukenhof is the biggest flower garden on earth! You can find more than 7 million flower bulbs which are abloom with more than 800 kinds of tulips. An unique and unforgettable experience.

Photo by Tiago Fioreze

Go to one of the many food festivals

Food truck festivals are booming! During the Spring and Summer you can find many (free) festivals in the bigger cities everywhere through the Netherlands. There are also special “beer” festivals where you can try out all kinds of beer. Use Facebook or official city tourism pages to explore the different festivals.

Take a boat trip over the canals of Amsterdam

When you’re walking through Amsterdam, you can find canals everywhere. Most of the time, especially during Spring and Summer time, you can also find many boats sailing through the canals. There are many companies in Amsterdam that offer boat tours over the canals and it’s definitely an activity you should have done when you’re leaving the Netherlands again.

Photo via Flickr, by Faungg’s Photos

Have a beach day

Part of the Netherlands is located at the Nordsea. There are many great places from north to south of the country where you can have a nice day at the beach. Scheveningen is probably one of the most popular places. This place is located close to the city center of Hague. However, there are also many places which are less popular and more relaxing for some people!


Visit the Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is located nearby Amsterdam, in Zaandam. For the ones who have not heard of it: the Zaanse Schans is a district from the 18th and 19th century. You can find lots of windmills, old Dutch houses and musea in this district. In other words, you can find out more about the (old) Dutch culture in this district.

Zaanse Schans 1

Visit one of the Dutch zoos

The Netherlands features many zoos. If the weather is nice, people around the whole country are going for a day out. Much people chose to go to a zoo with their family. Would you like to have some inspiration for the zoos you can visit through the Netherlands?

Or if you like adventure, go to one of the Dutch amusement parks

The Netherlands also features several Amusement Parks. Some are fun for all ages and others are mainly focused on the target audience which is a little bit younger. The most popular and most visited attraction parks are probably the Efteling and Walibi World.

Photo by Tayla Kohler on Unsplash

Enjoy a walk through the Hoge Veluwe National Park

National Park the Veluwe is the biggest Nature Park of the Netherlands. Not only can you find lots of landscapes, natures and animals, but you can also find art and architecture. The outdoor museum Kröller Möller for example is also situated in the Veluwe. It’s highly recommended to spend a day by bike in the National Park. A great way to see more than walking and to see better than driving!

Photo by Lieve Ransijn on Unsplash

Visit one of the Dutch open air museums

The Netherlands features several open air museums. One of them is the Openlucht Museum located in Arnhem, the East side of The Netherlands. If you are interested in a little history of my country, this is the place to be! Another well-known open air museum in The Netherlands si: Het Zuiderzee Museum, located in Enkhuizen.

Celebrate King’s Day!

On the 27th of April, it’s King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. For the Dutch people this is also a National Holiday, namely Kingsday. On that day, you can find festives and party’s or nice markets to walk around everywhere in the country. Everybody wears orange, because that’s the national colour of the Netherlands.

Or celebrate Liberation Day in Wageningen or Zwolle

On Liberation Day (the 5th of May) we celebrate in the Netherlands our liberation of the German occupation during the World War II. There are some festivals in cities, where from Wageningen and Zwolle the most popular cities are where to celebrate Liberation Day.

And of course there are so much more options for Spring day trips in the Netherlands. Do you know some other fun things to do in The Netherlands Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Tamara

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