Diving in Ko Tao, Thailand.

Ko Tao is an island in Thailand and covers about 21² kilometres . It is one of the famous islands of Thailand. The other two famous small islands are Ko Phangan and Ko Samui. Ko Tao is well known for diving and there is a huge number of dive operators on the island. While it is a relatively small island, there are about 70 companies providing the diving service. There are three main reasons why you should dive in Ko Tao: the price, the weather and the variety of coral reefs.

Types of diving
There are different types of diving courses you can choose. The beginners course is named ‘open water’. This course will take three days and you will dive at different points of the island. This course has a theoretical and a practical part. In order to receive the certificate of the ‘open water beginners course’, you just have to pass a simple theoretical test and other practical exercises that will be taught by the instructor. If you like the beginners course, you can choose to take the next course, named ‘advance diving’, The third diving course, and hardest, is called ‘rescue’.


Ka Tao is well known for its low diving prices. You should not pay more than 8500 Bahts (€ 232,00) for the ‘open water’ course. Some companies provide free or low cost accommodation including  breakfast.

My personal experience
I took the course with some Argentines friends of DPM Diving, a medium sized company of just a few years old, founded by people of Argentina and Chile. The quality of the equipment of this company was very good and the course was taught with professionalism. The diving course was easy for us, because the company offered the course in Spanish, although it was also available in English. I paid 8000 Bahts (€ 200,00)  for the course, including accommodation and breakfast.

The first day consisted of a theoretical course where we talked about the basic requirements of diving. Then we went to the water, where the instructor taught us to apply the theory to practice. We dove just two meters deep.

The second day consisted of another early morning meeting where we talked about the functioning of the body in depth. Then we went diving and did underwater exercises at a depth of twelve meters. It was a funny day.
The third day was the most fun of all because all we did was dive. We went down to a depth of eighteen meters (the maximum allowed for an open water certificate) and saw many amazing marine animals such as stingrays, huge turtles, groupers, clown-fish, puffer fish, jellyfish, and if you’re lucky you can see the great whale shark.

I really recommend to take one of the diving courses. For me, it was an unforgettable experience where you can see amazing marine animals at a very affordable price. The diving certificate allows you to dive anywhere in the world at a depth of eighteen meters. I wish to take the next ‘advance’  course, but due to my long backpacking trip I don’t have enough days.

Guest author: Nicolás Pérez del Olmo.
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