Ever heard of the country Estonia?

Estonia (Eesti) is a small country in the Baltic region. Maybe you heard some of it, but in case you didn’t and want to know more, you definitely have to read this.

Parnu Beach

Estonia’s capital is Tallinn, which is a small but beautiful city. As tourist you can perfectly spend the weekend there. The Old Town is medieval and in some of the restaurants they dress up with traditional Estonian clothes. Olde Hansa is one of those restaurants, but it is very touristic. If you’d like to eat Estonian food with maids who are dressed up in traditional clothes, I can recommend Kuldse Notsu Kõrts. You can also buy their recipe book with typical Estonian dishes for just 5 euros. At the Pegasus restaurant they have very good food; it’s number one out of the top 10 best restaurants in Tallinn.

The Olympic Games of 1980 were held in Moscow. From the Olympic Games, Tallinn has an Olympic Stadium, named Linnahall. The olympic stadium was built in Tallinn, because this city is a former soviet and Moscow didn’t had any water for the watersports. Linnahall has a lot of stairs and at the top there is a beautiful view, at least if the weather is good.

When you visit Tallinn, you should also go to Telliskivi. It is a formal industry area which is developing now. You could call it the hipster area of Tallinn; there is art everywhere. In Telliskivi there are also restaurants and design shops. For the ones who don’t have a large budget there is a shop which has stuff from all over the world for a nice price; Universaal Universum. Telliskivi is also the place for Techno and House parties.

The best time to visit Estonia is in summertime. Estonia has a lot of nature all over the country: from waterfalls (Jägala Juga, Keila Juga) to nature parks (Rummu prison, Lahemaa nature park) and the sea.

I recommend to travel around Estonia by car, because busses are not going very often. Although in the center of Tallinn you can perfectly travel by public transport. Tallinn is a nice city in both summer and winter time. In the summer, the small streets of Tallinn are even smaller, because they have wooden terraces in front of the restaurants. In winter time there is a Christmas market from the months November till January where you can drink glogg and gluhwein. Furthermore, you will fall in love with this city when you are at one of the viewing points in Tallinn.

I hope you got enough information to travel around Estonia. Don’t feel afraid to ask a local, because most of the people are speaking English (except the people in Narva; those basically only speak Russian).


Guest author: Lillian van Loon

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