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The Euromast in Rotterdam, is it worth a visit?

The Euromast is one of the most iconic Rotterdam highlights and is unique in so many ways. It’s ingrained in the Rotterdam skyline, offers a fantastic 360° view of the city, has two restaurants, provides you the possibility to abseil or cable glide and even let you sleep among the stars. As you can read, the Euromast offers more than just a pretty view. But is the Euromast in Rotterdam worth a visit? Continue reading and find out for yourself! 

Highlights of visiting Rotterdam’s Euromast Tower

  • Tallest building of Rotterdam and the Netherlands
  • Impressive view of the modern city of Rotterdam and surrounding towns
  • Part of the World Federation of Great Towers
  • Eating whilst looking down at the beautiful Rotterdam skyline
  • Overnight stay at a height of 100 meters
  • For adventurers: abseiling or cable gliding

Facts about the Euromast Tower Rotterdam

The Euromast is the tallest building in the Netherlands (185m above ground) and is located in the modern and vibrant city, which is Rotterdam. It was constructed in 1960 on the occasion of the garden show “Floriade”.

At first, the tower was designed purely as an observation tower and was only 101 meters tall. On top you can find a restaurant. After 10 years the Space Tower was added to the tower and increased the height of the Euromast to 185 meters. The Space Tower carries one of the attractions of the tower: a rotating gondola, the Euroscoop. It is glazed on all sides and rotates as it travels up and down the tower.

Nowadays you can also rent a suite to sleep at the height of 100 meters or you can skydive or abseil from the top of the Euromast.

The Euromast is part of the World Federation of Great Towers, joining the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building – impressive!

Top things to do at the Euromast

Go up the Euromast Tower

It all starts in the foyer of the Euromast. This is where tickets can be purchased and where you can find the obligatory gift shop. 

An elevator will take you up to 100 meters where you can find the observation deck. This is the actual highlight of the visit. I’m sure you’re going to be impressed by what you see. You have the freedom to wander around and take lots of pictures.

When you’re satisfied with the view, you have the opportunity to go up the ‘Euroscoop.’ This is basically a circular dome, with 25 seats all the way around. The walls and floor are made of glass. The glass floor was unfortunately heavily scratched and it was hard to see anything through it, but the view from the window was exceptional! The Euroscoop takes you slowly up to 185 meters. For about five minutes you will have a fantastic 360° vista. As you’re slowly spinning around, you hear a voice over the speakers telling you about the history of the Euromast and Rotterdam. It also highlights interesting sites as you come to know almost everything about Rotterdam.

I spotted the Erasmus Bridge, the SS Rotterdam, the New York Hotel and saw a lot of the harbor area. When the sky is clear they said one can even see The Hague at the North Sea coast. If one time isn’t enough for you, you can queue again, because the Euroscoop ride is included in the ticket price and it isn’t checked how often you ride it. Cool, right?

Eat delicious food

There are two places to eat at the Euromast. On the ground floor you can find the Deli, where you can find a selection of delicious pastries, crepes, snacks and coffee. It’s free entry!

The second is the main restaurant on the first platform. Here you can enjoy lunch, dinner, high wine or high tea for a reasonable price. All of this, whilst looking down at the beautiful Rotterdam skyline. I was there at lunch-time with a friend, so we opted for the Euromast burger and mackerel salad. We weren’t disappointed (see pictures below!). On nice days, the rooftop bar on the platform is also open for drinks and snacks. When it’s closed, you can just relax on the seats.

Sleep among the stars

Next to the impressive view and delicious food, there’s something else worth checking out at the Euromast in Rotterdam: the luxury hotel rooms at the height of 100 meters! Believe it or not, but this is the most stunning location to overnight in Rotterdam! Just above the restaurant, on the observation platform, you can find two luxury hotel rooms, equipped with all the essentials such as a double bed, Jacuzzi or rain shower, sit area, minibar, bottle of champagne, and of course an amazing view of Rotterdam. A delicious breakfast is also included in your stay (and you can have it served to your room)! The price for an overnight stay at the Euromast is around € 395,00 per night.

Take an exciting descend from the Euromast

Finally, for the daredevils among us, there are also possibilities for abseilen or ziplining from the top top of the Euromast (between May-September) or participating in a stair climbing race where participants climb the 589 stairs to the crow’s nest. Push your limits, give yourself an adrenaline boost and become an experience richer! The costs for abseiling are around € 58,00 (including the entrance ticket).

Photo by Felix Bartels


Parkhaven 20
3016 GM Rotterdam
Visit the website

Opening Hours

Daily from 9.30AM -22.00PM

Ticket prices

Adults: € 10,50
65+: € 9,50
Children 4 t/m 11 years: € 7,00
Discounts are available.
Attention, card payment only!

So is the Euromast in Rotterdam worth a visit?

As you could read, the Euromast is more than just a pretty view (which is actually good enough already!). The Euromast is unique in so many ways and there are plenty things to do, so if you’re stuck for something cool and fun to do if you are in Rotterdam, then the Euromast is definitely worth a visit!

Have you visited the Euromast? 
What was your favorite part of the experience?

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