The Faces of Guatemala – proud to be Maya

For me, it’s always been about the people. Traveling allows me to meet those who live in other countries, who have differing customs, who look different, and who hold a perspective that may enrich my own. We are all human, we all have a story, and many times the same things bring us joy. Much about a person can be seen (or at least imagined) by peering into their faces.

Guatemala is a beautiful country filled with even more beautiful people. During my journey of 5 months through Guatemala, I got the opportunity to photograph some of the (indigenous) people there. Sometime at a local market, at their homes, on the street, or in a cafe. To all people, I asked if I could take their picture. I asked about their day and if they could show me some of their work. Some smiling, some serious, some displaying their craft but each and every one of them proud. Proud of their work, proud to share their culture, proud to be Maya.

Come take a look, into some Faces of Guatemala.

A friend of my homestay family, Jose. Always around to help us and always in for some jokes.
Once done with weaving, textiles are joined using randas. This lady is one of the talented weavers of the Waqxaqi’ Kan Cooperative of Chuacruz, Guatemala who is also very talented in randas!
One of the weavers of the Waqxaqi’ Kan Cooperative of Chuacruz, Guatemala. She is not grumpy. We were just joking around all time and she showed this face while I told her a dirty joke.
A farmer at Chuacruz, Guatemala who patiently posed while I was taking the photo.
Two man having a talk on a street in San Lucas Tolimán.
Fruit sellers at San Lucas Tolimán.
One day I helped Maya Traditions Foundation with a bed project in Quiejel. This kind lady welcomed us to her home and gave us a little tour.
She showed me her chickens and rabbits. If they grow big enough, she sells them at the local market.
We also fed the pigeons together.
She also introduced me to her cats.
And to her dogs! And just like all indigenous people in Guatemala, most animals also eat tortillas!
Cakchiquel Maya doing their laundry at San Antonio Palopo.
A sales man at Ceramica Palopo Multicolor in San Antonio Palopo. Oh yes… I spent some money that day.
A painter at the Ceramica Palopo Multicolor in San Antonio Palopo. He paints the pottery by hand.
Tacos! Oh yes…. These men are delicious. uhhh the tacos are!
A small family in Chiroijx. One of the daughters displays her craft. They all proudly wear a distinctive style of clothing; their beautiful huipiles.
Patiently sitting and staring at me while they just gave me a cup of corn tea.
Kids… Always playing and joking around!
A man taking care of his child while selling goods at the Chichicastenango Market.
A super friendly and single mom with two kids in Nahuala.
Shy and curious at the same time. Playing with kids in Nahuala.
Buying juice with one of my friends at the local market in San Lucas Toliman.
This girl is a daughter of one of the talented Los Pinos Cooperative members who work together to create handmade pine needle products as well as tassels and randas. We joked around, made photos with Snapchat, and shared some food together.
A girl proudly showing her craft in Patanatic.

Author: Daphne

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