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Fall is the perfect time to go glamping

For those who love to go camping, the fall, the cooler weather and the changing colors, fall can be an exciting time. Days spent hiking among the crunching fallen leaves and exploring the wilderness and breezy nights toasting s’mores over an open fire are what make camping so enjoyable. To stay warmer and dryer while staying in the woods this fall, why not try your hand at glamping?!

What is this unique outdoor trend?

Glamping, aka “glamorous camping,” is a way to enjoy everything you love about camping, but with some elevated perks, such as heat, electricity, and comfy beds. These are definitely considered luxuries by most people’s camping standards.

There are many resort-like destinations that offer all-inclusive glamping accommodations, but these can be a bit pricey, so we suggest a do-it-yourself option! While planning your glamping adventure, there are a few things you’ll definitely need, so read on to see what to pick up before you hit the road.

Photo via Unsplash, by Adam Griffith

Oversized accommodations

Even if you only plan to travel with a couple of people (or alone), be sure to bring a tent that is large enough to house comforts. Cots or blow up mattresses, a small table to gather around and eat or play cards at night, and maybe even a set of drawers to take care of your clothing and make you feel at home are all items you should consider making space for. Usually, an 8-10 people tent is enough for one or two individuals on a glamping expedition.

Bring the power

What is better than being able to sleep in a tent in the middle of the woods while enjoying heat and using electronics? While fall days may still offer some warmth, temperatures will drop at night, so being able to heat your tent is a necessity.

The best option is to get yourself a portable, solar powered generator. These are great because they require no fuel and are powered completely by the sun’s energy, so they’re environmentally friendly, too. They charge up during the day while the sun is shining, so there’s really nothing to it. Once you’ve tried these out, you’ll never go camping without one again. Keep your phone charged so you can take lots of pictures, plug in a lamp or two for those dark nights that come oh-so-early, or even bring a television so you can binge your favorite shows without distractions!

Photo via Unsplash, by Frank Holleman

Pack for comfort

Last but not least, be sure to pack yourself some cozy, laid back clothes. Since you’re not “roughing it” the way you might on a regular camping trip, you can bring some stylish options that you may not normally opt to wear. That may include dresses you can layer or even chic, distressed jeans for hiking.

Plus, because your tent will be heated throughout the night thanks to your handy generator, you won’t have to pack super heavy of clothes to sleep in. Opt for cute silk options if you’re on a romantic get-away or even shorts that won’t restrict your sleep. Another great option when choosing what to bring in your bag is disposable undergarments, so you don’t have to worry about having to do too much laundry after your trip. Talk about a luxury!

Photo via Unsplash, by Nick Scheerbart

If you want to get one last camping trip in this fall before winter arrives, glamping is the way to go. There are many ways to elevate any camping experience, whether that’s setting yourself up with electricity or relaxing in your comfiest clothes. We hope you’ll enjoy our glamping tips on your next outdoor excursion!

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