The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. Besides, the mountains which are located around the Sognefjord are one of the highest and most majestic of Norway. Therefor it’s no surprise that this fjord is a must-see (must-visit) when traveling to Norway.

The Sognefjord
The Sognefjord is located at the coast, just above Bergen, and extend until the mountains of National Park Jotunheimen. There are several “arms” of the Sognefjord, from which the Nærøyfjord is the most popular. This fjord has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. Other arms of the Sognefjord are the Lusterfjord, the Fjærlandsfjord and the Finnafjord.

The mountains you can find in the middle of the Sognefjord are one of the best places of Norway for people who love to hike. The most popular areas are the National Parks Jotunheimen & Jostedalsbreen, the mountain area Breheimen and the valleys Aurlandsdalen and Utladalen.

Through the Sognefjord, you can find several, small towns which have a total population of 30.000 people.

The ferry company
Going through the Sognefjord by ferry not only is an unique experience, because you have some magnificent views on the mountains and the fjords, but also is a great way to explore the small towns which are located along the fjord.

With the ferry company NORLED you can easily make a fjordcruise and visit all the little towns within the Sognefjord. You can start the cruise in Flåm or in Bergen; if you make the whole route, it will take around 5,5 hours to complete the route. This is when you’re not stopping on the way in the towns. The ferry goes from 16 April until 14 October (high season). You can also combine your trip from Flåm to Bergen with staying a night in one of the towns. I’ve done this myself when I travelled around Norway. I stayed in Balestrand, in the Kviknes Hotel.

The boats are not accessible for cars and are quite small, but perfect. There are enough seats for everyone and there are separated places on the boat where you can leave your luggage. Also, there is a small “super market” where you can buy something to eat or drink.

A one way ticket from Bergen or Flåm has a price from NOK 865 for an adult. A child (4-15 years) pays NOK 435, a student NOK 435 as well, same as for the seniors (+67 years). Return tickets can be bought from NOK 1300. If you are planning to stay a night in one of the villages, you have to make two separate bookings for the ferry, because you’re travelling on two separated days.

Route of the ferry
The route of the ferry is as follows:

Bergen to Flåm Flåm to Bergen
08.00 Depart from Bergen 15.30 Depart from Flåm
08.40 Lygra 15.40 Aurland
09.00 Vardetangen 16.30 Leikanger
09.30 Sollibotn 16.55 Balestrand
09.50 Rysjedalsvika 17.10 Vik
10.20 Lavik 17.50 Nordeide
10.50 Nordeide 18.20 Lavik
11.35 Vik 18.35 Rysjedalsvika
11.55 Balestrand 19.05 Sollibotn
12.20 Leikanger 19.35 Vardetangen
13.15 Aurland 19.55 Lygra
13.25 Arrive in Flåm 20.45 Arrive in Bergen

You can buy your ticket directly at the ferry. If you are planning on traveling several days through the fjord, you can think about purchasing a FJORDcard; which you can use for five days. Click here for more information.

Balestrand 3

Have you ever travelled by ferry through a fjord? What is your experience?

Author: Tamara

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Through the Sognefjord by Ferry

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  1. I flew into a small town in Norway through the fjords a little over 10 years ago and it was such a beautiful sight! I would love to take a ferry next time to enjoy it even more. Norway is truly a beautiful country.

  2. I’ve not yet travelled on a fjord by ferry, but it’s high on my list! The Sognefjord is stunning, and I hope to visit next year. I’ll also surely check out the ferry company you mentioned.

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